This so-called balanced build Paladin meant that he could tank, heal and deal damage. It seemed quite comprehensive, but it really meant that he wasn’t proficient in anything. Fortunately, he had some situational awareness and when he saw Lu Li crowd-controlling the Mage, fighting the Druid and interrupting the Paladin, he chose to heal Lu Li.

Lu Li had lost a lot of HP and was quickly returned to full. He still had plenty of mana, so Arthur could continually heal him.

Lu Li kicked the Druid as he was casting a healing skill and slashed at his neck.

Slit Throat!

The Druid slammed into the ground as the skill was a critical hit. This might have partly been carelessness on his end because he had underestimated Lu Li. He thought that a three-on-one would be easy, so he didn’t heal earlier. By the time he did it, he didn’t anticipate for Lu Li to interrupt the skill.

The Paladin who wanted to capture the flag didn’t expect that his teammates would lose the fight.

In fact, the Druid’s Bear Form did make him tankier, but with weaker equipment and skills, the extra HP didn’t mean much.

In addition, there were no healers present, which was advantageous for Lu Li. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to kill a Druid, even if they were on really low HP.

After killing the Druid, he immediately rushed at the Mage who was still blinded.

The Horde players at the Gold Mines were quickly cleared out and the crisis had been averted. At this time, the System prompted them that Moonlight was capturing the Sawmill. More and more pressure was being exerted onto the Horde players, and the battle quickly came to an end.

After the match, Arthur sent a request to join Lu Li’s team, but this was ignored. It was much faster with four players – at least three times faster. They didn’t encounter any skilled players in the matches after, since there were only so many players in the game and only players from the China server could be matched with.

Lu Li took Her Tears around for the entire day. Not only did he manage to get him to first place, but he also helped him create a sizeable lead from the second place.

It was also the end of the Glory rankings at night, and Her Tears finally had his wish granted. He was placed first on the Arathi rank for the first week. Not only did he receive a Flaming Warhorse, but his achievements had also been recorded into gaming history.

The Flaming Warhorse was a mount that looked similar to the class-restricted mount that Warlocks had, except it was a brighter red that represented death and battle.

The movement speed of the two mounts were equal; almost all the current mounts had a 30% movement speed boost. It was rare to find something with a 100% speed boost like Lu Li’s Crow Transformation. Crow Transformation was classed as a flying skill, and was therefore banned from the Battlegrounds.

After they re-entered the game on Monday, the matchups for the top four had finally been announced.

Ruling Sword was matched up against Gale Legion!

Drizzle Court was matched up against Glory Capital!

This wasn’t a surprising result to anyone, since there were only four teams anyway and there weren’t many combinations available for people to guess. Only some were disappointed that they weren’t able to see Drizzle Court and Ruling Sword fight amongst themselves.

Lu Li had already thought about battling all three guilds.

Even if he was to actually match up against Drizzle Court, he wouldn’t back down. It had nothing to do with his relationship – Ruling Sword really needed this victory to set their foundation down.

Ruling Sword had no money and Lu Li didn’t want to be controlled by anyone else.

The formation of Ruling Sword had been too rapid; they didn’t have much time to develop. Almost all the major clubs were afraid of them. Fortunately, Water Fairy wasn’t someone who played mind games, and Drizzle Court was also in a similar position without much support from other clubs. This was what brought about the formation of their alliance.

However, this wasn’t enough to solve the fundamental problem that Ruling Sword had.

It would only take one major event to take down Ruling Sword in an instant.

If Lu Li was to suddenly die in reality, would this club still exist? None of the executives at this point would be able to control the situation. The best result would be for the club to wait around for someone who could actually take up the responsibility, but the most likely result would be the disappearance of Ruling Sword.

Without Lu Li, there would be no Ruling Sword!

Glory Capital would at least be able to survive without Sorrowless. White Westhill would be able to maintain order while Blood Dagger and the others could still serve as morale support to the club. They would still be able to compete, and all the major clubs in the gaming industry were capable of the same thing.

After all, they had a history to support them. It made their members feel a sense of pride and belonging to the club. Even if the leader was to change, everything else would remain the same.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If Lu Li wanted Ruling Sword to be passed on, he had to win!

Anyone who lived had to leave a mark at some point.

Gale Legion was strong; none of the clubs were guaranteed to win against them. Apparently, in the friendly matches they held against Glory Capital, the wins and losses were quite even.

As such, Lu Li wasn’t going to be so silly as to underestimate them.

When they entered the game, they didn’t head over to the Battlegrounds. Her Tears only wanted the mount, so now that he had it, he reverted to his usual schedule – playing the Battleground by himself. He expressed that it would be too boring if he played all the time, knowing that he would win anyway.

Lu Li left the city alone and headed towards the Blasted Lands.

There were no teleports available, and the closest spot to it was Stonard. This was the first-developed city of the Tauren upon their arrival in Azeroth.

It was also the largest basement of the East Kingdom for the New Horde. If Stonard was to disappear, then the Horde would be losing their closest base to the Door of Darkness in the East Kingdom. This location had been established for many years, not to mention that it was an important line of supply. It was no different to a scout point.

On the other hand, there were NPCs who could open a portal to Stonard for a short period of time at the exorbitant cost of 20 gold coins.

In reality, the ordinary players wouldn’t spend 20 gold coins to teleport to a strange spot like this.

However, in the future, a portal wouldn’t even be possible, regardless of the price. If it wasn’t for the fact that both the Alliance and Horde were preparing to fight against the Undead army, the Horde definitely wouldn’t have let the Alliance set a portal up here.

The Horde players would be able to complete a quest in the future which would teach them how to open a portal to Stonard. They would be able to teleport themselves with the help of a Mage.

Lu Li quickly left the unstable portal.

There were two rows of heavily-armored Tauren Warriors that stood nearby the portal. They all held giant axes as they stood menacingly with intense gazes.

Lu Li was no coward, but even he was quite frightened.

By the time he entered the game, this portal had already been removed and Alliance players had to find other ways to reach Stonard.

“Leave here Elf. You’re not welcome,” a Tauren Warrior with red prints on his armor said.

Lu Li had to play weak; these level 60 Warriors were very powerful and he probably wouldn’t even be able to win against the weakest one amongst them.

The leader might even be a Boss, and it would be a simple matter of lifting a finger for them to kill him in their territory.

“I’m planning to search for the tracks of the Scourge in the Blasted Lands. I was wondering if it was possible to rent a Wind Wielder as a mount,” Lu Li requested.

It was as if the leader of the troops had heard some kind of joke as he began laughing with his underlings.

“Haha, Wind Wielder? Elf, just give up. Wind Wielders won’t let anyone like a Dark Elf near them. Your kind should only be jumping around on trees.”

Lu Li didn’t get upset. There was no point in being upset with NPCs; he wasn’t a crazy person. Perhaps in the future, when he is strong enough, he wouldn’t mind visiting this place again.

The Wind Wielder was a very strong flying mount. It was similar to Wyvern and had a giant pair of wings that grew claws. It also had two strong back legs which helped propel it into the high air.

The flying speed of a Wind Wielder was a 280% bonus, so things would be much easier for Lu Li at Blasted Lands if he had one. Unfortunately, he couldn’t rent one right now, so he would have to fly over there by himself. Under the night sky of Azeroth, far away from Earth, you would be able to hear the wind under your wings. Lu Li watched the land from high above and was once again amazed by the design of the game.

After he flew across Duskwood and Deadwind Pass, the scene became a dark-green swampland.

In all honesty, Lu Li wasn’t a fan of this place. The air was always foul, mixed with the stench of rotten grass roots and swamp creatures, which made it almost impossible to breath. He had to lower his senses by a few levels, which wasn’t a good thing in the Wild, considering that senses helped him detect the potential dangers around him.

He flew for nearly an entire hour until he saw the Blasted Lands. If he had the Wind Wielder with him, this would have only taken him about ten minutes. After all, the Wind Wielder could fly anywhere in the sky because it was strong, but Lu Li had to go around some danger zones.

The Dark Portal was located in the Blasted Lands.

The magic that leaked out from the Dark Portal twisted the Blasted Lands and left it with a desert-like appearance. There were no signs of life in this zone.

Nethergarde was located at the north point of the Blasted Lands; it guarded the only entrance into this zone.

It was built by Khadgar, who led the crusade into Draenor and disappeared within. All the Mages who lived in the zone now basked in the glory of this memory.

The Mages and the Warriors gave up their own enjoyment and fought against the Demons and the Ogres. Some thought that they were already a lost cause, but they still fought to protect this portal and Azeroth so that the other areas of Azeroth wouldn’t be in danger.

Because of the existence of the Dark Portal, this area had no other portals. Even supplies had to be delivered through dangerous methods.

Players could also obtain quests for delivering supplies. For some adventurers who weren’t doing so well, this was another way for them to survive. In Lu Li’s previous life, he had participated in such quests, but he was no longer interested in them anymore.

He had come to look for a soul.

If he was looking for a Tauren, this zone wouldn’t be a problem for Lu Li. He could see everything from up above.

Unfortunately, he was looking for a soul, so he had to land on the ground and search carefully. If he wasn’t careful about it, he wouldn’t be able to spot it. It took him about half an hour to find this almost invisible person at one of the spots suggested in the guides from his previous life.

“Hello, I’m an Elf from Mount Hyjal. How do I get to Nethergarde?” Lu Li asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Spirit of the Horde Heroes quest wasn’t hard to activate, but this was for the Horde players. If Alliance players wanted to do the same quest, it would depend on their luck. Lu Li wasn’t much of a lucky person, but fortunately, he had a guide with him and knew exactly what to say to get the results that he wanted.

“Mount Hyjal? Is everything still well there?” the soul asked.

“The line of defense is strong as usual, but we’ve heard that the Blasted Lands seem to be in a bit of trouble lately. The Dreadmaul Ogres have attacked Northgarde many times this month. I’ve been commanded to come as a reinforcement,” Lu Li said half-truthfully. He had the quest on him, but it was the type of quest that required him to hit a certain level first.

“I see. Then you have no need to rush. The last battle happened yesterday; I saw the Dreadmaul Ogres leave, defeated.”

The soul was smart; it wasn’t just a simple form of grudge.

“That’s good, I can rest a few days before I join the battle. I’ve encountered a lot of danger along the way and it has surely worn me out. May I ask for your name and why you’re here?” Lu Li sighed and sat down.

“My name? There’s no need for it,” the soul said as it joined Lu Li.

Lu Li passed a bottle of wine over. This wine was made by the Tauren with methods passed down from Draenor. It was rare to see a soul still capable of drinking wine.

Without Lu Li’s asking, the soul began to share his story after a few sips.

“I was a member of an elite troop, one that was most trusted by Thrall himself. There were twenty of us. I once suggested for us to put down a sentry in the Blasted Lands, but my suggestion was never responded to, so I began to grow impatient. I had no clue what fearful monster awaited ahead of us… yes…I made a fearful decision. All was my fault…”

“Is there anything that I can be of help to?” Lu Li asked, softening his voice. He could tell that this sad soul was lost in some sort of regret.

“Regret, I’m filled with regrets. I’ve never considered what this wrong choice would have led to. I should have waited there and waited for the command. Perhaps it would have told us what it was, what fearful event awaited us in that damned place., or maybe it was going to tell us to head elsewhere. After all, it was my fault, all my fault…” the poor soul answered, then continued mumbling the same few sentences.

“What happened after?” Lu Li asked.

If this was someone who knew nothing of the event, they would have probably been annoyed by the storytelling ability of this NPC.

However, Lu Li knew the entire picture. There was no way he would let this Horde hero sing acapella by himself.

“I’ve been standing here, waiting for the command. I need to understand the situation; I need to find those commands. I never received anything, so something must’ve happened along the way,” he said, then finally looked up at Lu Li and asked, “Dispatch Commander Raug is located at Stonard. Find him and find out what happened to that command; this is what I want to know the most. Can you help me?”

“Gladly,” Lu Li said without the slightest hesitation.

He had just flown from Stonard, and now he had to head back. This seemed ridiculous, but Lu Li had to do so. It wasn’t a lot to ask to travel for quests. The worst situation was when you travelled to all these places but had no clue about how to continue the quest.

Just as Lu Li transformed into a crow and was about to fly away, he suddenly remembered the situation at Stonard.

“And one more thing – because I’m an Elf, the friends over there aren’t too friendly with me. Is there anything you could possibly do about it?”

“Those short-sighted idiots,” the soul scowled as a Badge formed in his hands.

Lu Li curiously took over the Badge, but he wasn’t so calm anymore once he checked its Attributes. Lost Justice (Unique): All attributes +1, Movement Speed +20%, Special Effect: Enemy Faction Favour +3, Equipment Level Requirement: None, Durability: None.

Of course, the all attributes +1 was pointless, it was more for show. What interested Lu Li was the special effect. He wasn’t unfamiliar with it. In his previous life, he heard that Cut Me 72 Times from Stellar Union had an item which gave him +5 favour points from the Alliance, which apparently allowed him to shop at Stormwind City.

From the points that he had received, Lu Li’s Lost Justice wasn’t as great, but this item didn’t just provide a boost in favour of the Horde faction. If a Horde player received this, then they in turn would gain a boost in favour of the Alliance.

The only downside was that this was a badge, and every player only had 2 badge slots, so one of the equipped badges would need to be replaced.

But of course, this didn’t get in the way of completing a quest. There was no need to battle in the first place and the badge also gave Lu Li extra movement speed.

Surprisingly, Lu Li knew the dispatch commander. It was the Tauren boss from before who taunted him and told him that he wouldn’t even be able to get close to a Wind Wielder. However, this time he was a different person when he saw Lu Li. Instead of being spiteful, he came forward and slapped his left chest with his right hand as he asked strictly, “Warrior from the forest, is there anything that I can do to help?”

Strictly speaking, Raug was a neutral NPC. After all, Alliance members were now allowed to come over to Stonard as well.

However, his respectful manner truly surprised Lu Li, despite only having +3 favour points from the enemy faction. It was no wonder that Cut Me 72 Times could walk around Stormwind City with his +5 favour point item.

Lu Li wondered what would happen if he used the Deception Orb with the badge.

Of course, he wouldn’t try now as it might cause unnecessary trouble.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

“Respected Commander, I’ve been asked by someone to scout for some information…”

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