That reality that Jun Xie had induced Gu Li Sheng to make an exception to personally recruit the boy into the Spirit Healer faculty early for the duration of enrollment and to make a decision to get in just 1 disciple for the 12 months created Yin Yan extremely nervous.

Just as Yin Yan was nonetheless pacing worriedly, the door to the workplace was suddenly pushed open and Yin Yan hid hurriedly in a corner.

He saw only Gu Li Sheng by himself, bursting out of the workplace and slamming his door shut with a loud bang.

Yin Yan frowned, from what he had observed when Gu Li Sheng left his workplace, he instinctively felt that factors had been not as poor as it appeared.

Gu Li Sheng had constantly been amicable to everyone, to the two disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty and to disciples from the other faculties. He was usually great natured and regular, never ever witnessed to have lost his awesome. Unlike today, when he had stepped out of his workplace in a fluster and walked off hurriedly.

“Did that brat Jun Xie cause Master to be so flustered?” Yin Yan whispered softly to himself.

Very quickly, Yin Yan got the answer to his query.

It had been much less than two hrs ahead of Gu Li Sheng hurried back. He went straight into his office and moments later on, Jun Xie walked out via the door. And Yin Yan observed one particular fine detail. When Jun Xie came out of the workplace, the jade badge that was hanging upon his chest had been removed. The jade badge that proved that a single was from the Spirit Healer faculty.

His heart leapt when he spotted that point.

Right after Jun Wu Xie came out the office, she had immediately walked out of the Spirit Healer faculty, never once seeking back.

The series of actions by Jun Xie that Yin Yan observed from the shadows, informed Yin Yan that Jun Xie had been expelled from the Spirit Healer faculty! !

Inside just a short day, news of Jun Xie getting expelled from the Spirit Healer faculty spread swiftly all through the Zephyr Academy.

If it had been any individual else, it may well not have attracted so considerably attention, but Jun Xie had already brought on this kind of a big commotion all the way from his enrollment to his very first day at the academy. By now, not a single individual within the Zephyr Academy had not heard of the identify, Jun Xie.

He was assumed to have been admitted into the academy in glory and the future held endless possibilities for him. A boy so blessed with fortune was admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty but had unexpectedly been expelled from the faculty just hours after he had initial stepped in there! His fall came so swiftly and unexpectedly and that put every person in great shock!

The Spirit Healer faculty had expelled unsuitable disciples via their doors prior to, but that was right after a complete college year’s observation prior to it was made a decision. But in Jun Xie’s case, he had just gone to the Spirit Healer faculty barely hours into his very first day there when he was unceremoniously driven out! That was absolutely the first time the Spirit Healer faculty had carried out that!

The information spread swiftly, like wildfire in a dry discipline. The youths who had been deeply envious and jealous of Jun Xie, had upon hearing the news, rejoiced at Jun Xie’s downfall.

The endlessly fortunate brat that gained the hatred of absolutely everyone just the day just before, had now grow to be the greatest joke in the academy!

It had taken only a blink of the eye for Jun Xie to fall facedown into the mud from her envied place large in the clouds!

In just 1 day, Jun Xie had, from being the object of everyone’s envy, out of the blue turned into the butt of everyone’s joke.

All of this, was unknown to Jun Wu Xie. Following she had left the Spirit Healer faculty grounds, Jun Wu Xie had returned to the dormitory. It was the time when everybody else have been engaged with their coaching and the entire dormitory was empty, with her becoming the only individual there.

As she sat down at the side of her bed, Jun Wu Xie pulled out a jade badge carved into the brand of the Beast Spirit faculty.

It was given to her by Gu Li Sheng himself, prior to she left that workplace.

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