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Next Chapter Shi Yinyu brushed off her suggestion with a smile and said, “Old Ancestor and Lord Father are busy forging the grandmist treasure artifact; we won’t bother them with this matter. Wait until we’ve gotten the Three Lives Flower, we can give the Old Ancestor and Lord Father a big surprise. Isn’t that much better?”

Yang Jing smiled in agreement and went on to say, “That’s good too. However, this is the Corpse Soul Land, and there are many corpse soul beasts around; we still need to act with caution.”

Shi Yinyu nodded his head.

“Let’s go. We’ll head over there now.” Shi Yinyu couldn’t wait to see the Three Lives Flower.

That was the rarest, most precious divine flower in the entire universe.

With the divine flower, maybe their Old Ancestor’s strength would rise higher, and at that time, the Divine World’s King of Grandmist would be nothing but a fart.

Thus, with Yang Sihai leading them, Shi Yinyu, Yang Jing, and the others sped away.

However, as a precaution, Shi Yinyu brought four high-level Emperor Realm Ancestors with him. On top of that, two of the Ancestors were Tenth Order Emperor Realm; one was a late-Tenth Order Emperor, while the other was a mid-Tenth Order Emperor.

Soon, Shi Yinyu’s group was standing above the cliff where the Tree Lives Flower was supposed to be located.

“Right here?” Shi Yinyu asked.

Yang Sihai respectfully answered, “Yes, Young Lord, right at that spot.” He pointed at the cliff wall.

In a flicker, Shi Yinyu’s group moved towards the said spot, right in front of the cliff wall.

“Something was dug out from here.” Shi Yinyu stated, and his eyes glimmered with excitement as he went on, “Also, there is strange space energy surrounding this cliff wall, most likely belonged to the Three Lives Flower.”

“Very good, Yang Sihai, you’ve earned your merit this time, great merit. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely speak for you in front of the Old Ancestor and Lord Father; you will be handsomely rewarded.” Shi Yinyu was blooming as he turned and said to Yang Sihai.

“Yes, Young Lord.” Yang Sihai was ‘overjoyed’ by Shi Yinyu’s words.

“Luo Haoming probably hasn’t gone far. Ancestor Dai Quan, please exert your full effort and find Luo Haoming for me!” Shi Yinyu requested one of the Ancestors standing behind him.

Dai Quan was the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Ancestor, who had followed Shi Yinyu.

“Please leave it to me, Young Lord.” Dai Quan spoke with absolute confidence, “Now, I will execute the Evasion Mandate ancient secret technique to dig out that Luo Haoming.” As he finished saying that, his fingers moved swiftly, flicking out a series of mysterious runes.

These mysterious runes gathered into a thin stream-like aura in midair.


Dai Quan’s hands waved out simultaneously, and the streams of runes disappeared into the void right before their eyes.

Less than a minute later, Dai Quan smiled widely and informed Shi Yinyu, “Young Lord, I have found that Luo Haoming. He’s inside an underground cave of a mountain not far away.”

Shi Yinyu smiled happily, “His own cleverness defeats this Luo Haoming. Did he think that hiding was enough to escape our search?”

“Let’s go find that Luo Haoming now!”

Shi Yinyu and the rest sped away.

“Yinyu, that Luo Haoming actually rebelled against a superior because of a treasure, and injured Hall Master Yang Sihai. Moreover, after obtaining such a treasure, he did not hand it to the higher echelons. Anyone of these crimes deserves the death penalty!” As they rushed to where Huang Xiaolong was, Yang Jing began her argument.

Because of Yang Jun’s matter, she had no good impression of Luo Haoming; however, she did not have an actual excuse to condemn Luo Haoming; but it was different now. This time, she could push Luo Haoming to death without much effort.

Hearing that, Shi Yinyu laughed knowingly and agreed, “After we’ve captured Luo Haoming, we’ll deal with him according to your plan. Kill him if you want to kill him, torture him if you want to torture.”

Yang Jing’s face bloomed, “I know you love me the most.”

As the two joked and chattered on, they arrived in front of the mountain peak Dai Quan had determined.

“He’s inside that cave.” Dai Quan pointed at a cave hole on the mountain slope.

Shi Yinyu looked over and snickered, “This cave is indeed obscured; however, we don’t need to go inside, just split this mountain and let Luo Haoming come out.”

Dai Quan complied. He flicked out an overpowering gray light from his finger that cut across the air like a brutal giant blade that slashed the mountain peak horizontally.

A figure flew out from the mountain and stopped opposite Shi Yinyu’s group.

Shi Yinyu laughed as he looked at ‘Luo Haoming’ who was forced out from the cave, and said, “Luo Haoming, you’ve got guts not to report finding the Three Lives Flower, on top of that, because of the Three Lives Flower, you ambushed and injured Hall Master Yang Sihai.”

Yang Jing chimed in, “Hand over the Three Lives Flower! Tell us, how do you want to die?!”

But Huang Xiaolong chuckled, looking at Shi Yinyu and Yang Jing, “Even if I want to die, I’m afraid neither of you can kill me.” This was no bluff. Huang Xiaolong, who had the heart of hell, couldn’t be killed by Shi Yinyu and Yang Jing even if he stood there and allowed them to attack him with everything they had.

Huang Xiaolong’s words dumbfounded Shi Yinyu, Yang Jing, Dai Quan, and the rest.

Shi Yinyu’s eyes narrowed, ceiling the ruthless gleam in the depths of his eyes as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong. It looked like he wanted to see through Huang Xiaolong.

“You’re not Luo Haoming!” Dai Quan suddenly blurted out with certainty.

“Correct, I am not the real Luo HaOming.” Huang Xiaolong admitted with a sheepish smile.

At this point, it was not necessary to conceal anymore.

Everyone was astounded.

“So, it’s like that!” Yang Jing exclaimed in realization, and added coldly, “No wonder.”

She had felt baffled why Luo Haoming was stronger than her at the Wolfless Palace the last time.

Shi Yinyu was still staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong and emphasized each word he spoke, “In other words, you lured us here on purpose?” He looked at Yang Sihai by his side as he said so, “Yang Sihai is in cahoots with you!”

“Not really in cahoots, he’s merely under my control with a secret method.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Ancestor Dai Quan and the others showed surprise on their faces, ‘Yang Sihai is under control?’ None of them had noticed it.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong pointed his finger, and a force shot out, piercing through Yang Sihai’s forehead. Just like that, Yang Sihai’s lifeless body plummeted to the ground.

“You!” Shi Yinyu and the others were taken aback. None of them had foreseen that Huang Xiaolong would suddenly kill Yang Sihai.

“Who are you?!” A cold gleam burst in Shi Yinyu’s eyes. Although Huang Xiaolong’s action had exceeded his imagination, he was still very confident that his side could capture him. They were inside the Nine Yin Space after all, and he had high-level Emperor Realm experts like Dai Quan by his side. Not to mention, the Old Ancestor and his Father were on the Corpse Soul Mainland as well.

“Who am I?” Huang Xiaolong smiled as his face changed quickly.

“You are Duwei!” Shi Yinyu shrieked when he saw the face.

He was nearly killed by ‘Duwei’ above the Nethersea. Even though he had been clamoring that he would chop ‘Duwei’ into a million pieces all this time, that battle had left a deep shadow in his heart, penetrating his soul. Therefore, when Shi Yinyu saw ‘Duwei,’ there was an uncontrollable fear.

“Chen Nengtong, you all protect the Young Lord, and leave immediately! Quickly notify the Old Ancestor!” Dai Quan was already swinging his fist at Huang Xiaolong as he shouted the order to the other Ancestors.

But his arm had barely stretched out when he saw the City of Eternity flying out from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Previous Chapter

Next Chapter “Right, right. Please teach them, Young Master.” Fuyou hastily said.

“Teach them Tortoise Fist, that’s plenty.” Li Qiye gazed at the surging river.

“Tortoise Fist?” The two were astounded. Both thought that they have misheard.

“Yes, the sect has this move. The two of you certainly have heard of it before.” Li Qiye didn’t avert his gaze.

The two exchanged glances, not knowing what to do. The name of this technique wasn’t that pleasant.

“I do know about it, it’s Black Tortoise Fist, an entry martial art technique in the sect.” Fuyou coughed and said.

“What is this Black Tortoise?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “The name is Tortoise Fist, no need to embellish a title. Does calling it Black Tortoise make it stronger or unbeatable?”

The two had an awkward expression after hearing this. Their sect really had a technique named Tortoise Fist, the lowest and coarsest entry merit law at the low-ranked yellow level. Some even thought that this was giving it too much credit.

Why? The fist only had three actions or moves, as simple as can be.

Many in Divine Black wouldn’t consider them techniques, akin to an old man in the mortal world attacking randomly. It was slow and weak.

Even the new disciples wouldn’t want to use it, let alone older ones. A mortal who had only trained in martial arts for a couple of days could beat the crap out of its user.

Thus, what was the point of training in what essentially amounts to a training exercise for old men?

Leaving aside its effectiveness, just its name was terrible.

Some decided to change the name to “Black Tortoise” instead. This still didn’t get more students to learn it.

That’s why the two were so confused. And here they thought that he would come up with a preeminent plan.

“Really, we’re letting them train this technique?” Fuyou was worried because he cared about the children’s future.

“Why not? It’s a great merit law. Just three actions encompassed the essences and style of a tortoise.”

“Well, it’s still just a tortoise…” Huang Jie mumbled under his breath.

“What do you think your patriarch is?” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye.

“Our patriarch is a Black Tortoise with the bloodline of a divine beast, one of the strongest demons of that era.” Huang Jie smiled wryly and responded.

“Black Tortoise.” Li Qiye laughed in response: “Future descendants always exaggerate. Sure, your patriarch definitely obtained a great fortune or transformed, one akin to a carp turning into a dragon. It had some divine bloodline but this doesn’t change the fact that it used to be a tortoise, that’s his true root.”

“Stop, stop!” Fuyou shushed him, nearly wanting to cover his mouth.

Huang Jie became afraid and kept on looking around before heaving a sigh of relief at the lack of people.

After all, their patriarch was the ultimate existence in the sect. Its status in the heart of the disciples could never be replaced.

Everyone knew that it was a divine Black Tortoise. Thus, Li Qiye’s comment could be considered blasphemous – a serious offense!

“No need for this.” Li Qiye smiled: “It’s fine to be a tortoise. All living beings start as nothing then they become something, in this case, a turtle becoming a demon through the dao. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Please stop, my little ancestor.” Fuyou started begging while Huang Jie was horrified.

“Enough tempering will turn anything into steel, this applies to the grand dao. Tortoise or Black Tortoise Fist, whatever, one just needs to understand its essences to reach the right path.” Li Qiye said.

The two felt much better when he was no longer talking about their patriarch. They carefully thought about his words.

“Tortoise Fist is an important foundation block of your patriarch, make use of it more.” Li Qiye told them.

“Really?” The two tried to remember the origin of this move but there was no record of it.


The patriarch had indeed created this merit law. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that it was a passing down of instincts.

A turtle at birth would stretch its head, move its legs, and carry its shell – all instincts. As the patriarch gradually gained intelligence, it practiced these movements and began cultivating.

Alas, it lacked a good teacher and didn’t know how to do so until it met the great immortal. He taught it how to refine its movements. This culminated into a merit law named Tortoise Fist.

This was long ago and many forefathers in the sect didn’t wish to bring it up. It didn’t sound cool to let others know about their patriarch’s origin. Thus, they started spreading the Black Tortoise narrative.

This merit law also became forgotten. The future descendants didn’t wish to train it.

The two remained skeptical about this claim. Putting the name aside, just three movements. What could this actually do?

“South Fence is derived from All-things. All things include a turtle, a tortoise, and everything else. With enough training, even a tortoise can become a Black Tortoise. So tell me, what’s better than your patriarch’s initial merit law that got it so far?” Li Qiye said.

Fuyou became tempted; Huang Jie not so much. They thought about it and maybe this was worth a shot for the children.

“One little turtle might not be able to do anything, but a dozen? They will eventually grow up too. The shell of one turtle has its limit but when you stack a dozen shells together, how tough would that be?” Li Qiye elaborated.

The two quietly listened.

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