Oyado… Although I’m not really sure about her, Purewhite, no matter how I see it, she shouldn’t be affected by illusions, right?


Although I’m not really sure, the current set-up is the most effective, that is something I’m confident of.

“Ahem, does anyone know where the middle volume of ¡¶Magic Chronicles¡· is placed at?”


Purewhite slowly walked out of the back of the bookshelf, and then, Oyado popped out of the shadow behind Purewhite.

However, the current Purewhite had changed into a blue-colored Magician robe styled for females. And then, her head was tied at the back of her head, which was blocked by a hood as well. It was already impossible to see her former Eastern characteristics.

While Oyado’s features had also been heavily altered by my Disguise Technique. She had turned into a cute little western doll-like girl with golden hair.

“Un, everyone’s really cute today as well!”

I looked at them for a long time, and could only say as such in the end.

Well, I’m not someone who specializes in praising people anyway.

“Ou ou. Then Oyado shall maintain like this in the future!”

“No need, no need. Oyado simply have to be yourself. But, this time, because we have to investigate some other intel, there’s a need for us to disguise ourselves. Alright, currently, we’re completely unable to discern the enemy’s goals and movements. So we have to find out before they act.”

“Then, big brother, where do we begin our investigation?”

Oyado looked at me and said.

“For a while, let’s investigate what unique incidents had happened recently. After all, compared to investigating our target himself, why don’t we investigate his goals instead? If we know his goals, then his identity will be exposed as well.”

“Un, indeed. But isn’t this a school?”

“Exactly because it’s a school… that’s why it’s an embryonic form of an actual society.”

“Excuse me, where are your cards?”

Someone, who was wearing a mask, stood outside the door with a smile, and said to us.

This place was underneath a forest found between Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy. Every day, the train heading to Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy will pass by here.

But, in actual fact, when the tunnels for the train was being constructed, those nobles constructed another unique branch route, and they’re the only ones who know where to board that train.

But unfortunately, this route could be casually found on the terminal network, and even their design blueprints were uploaded as well. With so much details included, even if we don’t want to know about it, it’s impossible to not notice it.

And, an unique card is even needed to enter this place. Unfortunately, we do not have the original card, so we’re unable to copy them.

But, we have never solved our problems using regular methods, never!

“My household’s mistress do not wish to expose her identity, so, how about this?”

Naturally, it’s impossible with the academy’s magician robe. I had Purewhite wear the magician robe that I found in Mitchell Kingdom’s treasury, and then, I had her take out my identification as the State Magician of Ice Empire, and showed it to him.

Of course, our mistress was Oyado. A western doll with golden hair naturally had to be coupled with an exquisite one-piece dress and precious accessories. So currently, Oyado had been completely dressed by us into a look similar to Princess Michelle or Princess Anne.

I can only say it’s somewhat like theirs. Because, I don’t really specialize in it.

“Is that so…”

He did not stare at the girls for too long, instead, he looked towards me.

“Well… Then I wish to ask, why is a Magician wearing a Knight’s armor?”

“I see, so this is the power of[Absolute Eyes]?”

Instead, I looked at him with a smile.

Martin Ludor

LV 54 Appraiser

[Neutral] [Absolute] [Watchman] [Deceiver] [Absolute Eyes] [Extreme Eyesight]

“Oh, looks like you’re not any ordinary person either.”

Although he’s wearing a mask, I could feel that he was smiling, and he seemed to be very happy.

I don’t know what’s the ability of [Absolute Eyes], but, he said I was a [Magician], which meant that what he could see was not my class. Because, I don’t have a class.

What he saw was something else, something related to Magic.


Elemental Type?

Or is it something else?

“Alright then, I will let you guys enter then. But, for my sake, please do not make a mess.”

“That’s of course.”

I replied with a smile. Nine songs three signs. The first song was the Heavenly Wind Song!

The second song was the Heavenly Dao Thunder Beat!

The third song was the Origin Cloud Flute!

This Origin Cloud Flute came from the white clouds that appeared in the golden sky. It would echo through the sky, and when it entered your mind, it would make you relax as if you wanted to sleep.

When Wang Lin stepped onto the 240th step, this flute sound appeared in the sky. This flute was wondrous and was not something a living thing could create. It was created by the countless small holes in the clouds as the wind blew through them.

It fused with the wind to create an extremely wondrous song. The thunder was like a drum and perfectly fused with the wind song.

This song would make one lose themself. Xuan Luo immersed himself in the song and closed his eyes.

On the four pillars, as the four grey-robed men silently listen to the music, memories rippled in their minds. At the top of the tower, a sigh came out of the fog.

Wang Lin stood on the 240th step and also listened to the song of the wind, thunder, and clouds. The song surrounded his origin soul and body with a feeling a warmth and slowly nourished them. All the injuries he had received from walking up the steps began to recover thanks to this song.

Even more celestial and ancient power fused, but it still didn’t move.

After a long time, there was a flash of light in Wang Lin’s eyes. He raised his foot and slowly walked up. His expression was no longer fierce, but calm.

His eyes were no longer bloodshot and he calmly walked forward.

The golden sky was the light, the black earth was the road, the thunder was the drum, the wind was the rhythm, and the wind was the flute. All of these accompanied Wang Lin as he steadily walked up to the 250th step.

The moment his foot landed, an extra sound appeared, It was like the sound of rain hitting the ground.

The sound of rain echoed through the world and mixed with the cloud flute. The song became even more wondrous, as if there was a hidden sense of vitality within it.

Xuan Luo opened his eyes at this moment. He looked at Wang Lin and took a deep breath. With his cultivation level and identity, he normally would not show much shock. However, the four songs Wang Lin had triggered set off a wave in his emotions.

Xuan Luo’s gaze passed Wang Lin and moved onto the tower as he silently thought to himself, “Grand Empyrean Gu Dao… You didn’t approve of his existence, but now I wonder what you think… Or if my disciple who possess the soul blood, Wang Lin, will recognize your existence!”

The top of the tower was still silent, and after the sigh, the figure had closed his eyes. He seemed to be immersed in the song, and his face revealed a hint of melancholy and reminiscence.

Wang Lin paused slightly on the 250th step. After hearing the sound of the rain, he immersed himself in it for a few moments before he went up again.

On the 260th step, Wang Lin heard the sound of the sky. This sound was very mysterious, The sky was silent, but at this moment, a soft murmur came like a whisper from the sky. It fused with wind, thunder, cloud, and rain songs.

The moment this song appeared, the little fusion of celestial and ancient powers began to show signs of movement as the pressure from the mountain increased.

However, its speed was very slow, and it was unknown how long it would take to complete one cycle. Wang Lin was not anxious. Thanks to the five songs, he felt very farm inside and outside of his body, as if he had infinite power.

The soul blood inside Wang Lin’s body showed signs of melting. This was the soul blood that Xuan Luo had asked Grand Empyrean Gu Dao to awaken but was refused.

Wang Lin silently walked forward and walked past the steps. When his foot fell on the 270th step, all the essences in Wang Lin’s body suddenly melted!

At this moment, there was not a single essence inside Wang Lin’s body, but there was silver light inside his eyes. With this silver light, his eyes became silver!

There was no emotion in his eyes; they were very cold. Even his black pupils had become silver! When the silver eyes appeared, an unspeakable aura spread out from Wang Lin’s body. This was the aura Xuan Luo felt back in the cave world. It felt like everything was going to be destroyed!

After this aura appeared, Xuan Luo revealed a complicated expression.

“Among the nine songs and three signs, the silver eyes is the one thing in common. The Ancient Ancestor’s nine songs can make one’s eyes become silver, and the second of the three signs is these eyes…”

The four grey-robed men on the pillars withdrew their gazes from the sky and once again looked at Wang Lin. They looked at Wang Lin’s silver eyes with confusion. This confusion was like a black hole, as if their minds had been devoured!

It was as if they had a strange attraction toward these silver eyes!

As for the figure inside the fog, after pondering for a long time, he said something that echoed throughout the world.

“Nine songs three signs… In your body, there are five songs and two signs… Come up. If you can make it up to the 300th step, I’ll awaken your soul blood and summon you to see you…”

This voice was still cold.

Wang Lin stood on the 270th step and didn’t respond to the cold voice at all. He raised his foot and walked up once more. When he reached the 280th step, Wang Lin’s ancient power suddenly melted.

When it melted, another song was added to the five songs. This was the song of the earth. The black earth let out a desolate funeral song.

It was unknown how this funeral song had appeared, but it was clear. This sad song mourned the deaths of the people who were buried.

When it mixed with the song of the sky, it was like a mixture of life and death. Along with the songs of the wind, cloud, thunder, and rain, it created a grand song!

“Nine songs three signs… I have heard of it too… Now six songs and two signs have appeared…” Wang Lin silently pondered. He felt his essences and ancient power melt. They didn’t disappear, but fused with his body on an even deeper level.

He could feel the sliver of the new force that was born after his celestial and ancient powers fused. However, it moved very slowly – perhaps it would take years, or even decades, to complete one cycle.

He silently raised his foot and resisted the power of Mount Gu Dao to step onto the 281st step. He walked up step by step, and when he reached the 290th step, he felt the power inside his body move slightly faster.

At the same time, he felt the existence of the essences and ancient power that had disappeared. They existed inside his origin soul and internal organs.

His essences existed inside his origin soul and his ancient power was inside his internal organs. They seemed to have fused and also seemed like they didn’t, but they were very different from before.

And when Wang Lin stepped onto the 290th step, another song appeared after the first six songs. However, outsiders could not hear this song. Only Wang Lin could hear it because it came from his body.

This song was the song of his body. When he looked up, moved his arms, lifted his feet, breathed, and his pores opened and closed, he created this sound. It was the sound of his body!

These sounds were very subtle, but at this moment, they fused with the song outside. It condensed around Wang Lin into a song that surrounded him.

“This is the seventh song…” Wang Lin listened to it for a moment and then suddenly looked up. He revealed a fierce gaze and stared at the tower at the top of the mountain.

“You said that I can’t pass the 300th step…” Wang Lin lift his feet and climbed 10 steps to reach the 300th step.

The moment he stood on the 300th step, the confusion in the eyes of two of the grey-robed men on the four pillars disappeared and was replaced with coldness as if they had recovered. As the coldness filed their eyes, they both moved and took a step forward. They rushed toward Wang Lin like lightning.

They instantly closed in and each threw a punch.

The punches contained a grey fog, and there was a giant head inside each one. The heads seemed mad and let out silent roars as they charged at Wang Lin!

Popping sounds echoed inside Wang Lin’s body. This sound was like a heartbeat, but it was the eighth song formed by Wang Lin’s internal organs!

Internal organ song!

This was the contraction of his lungs, the beating of his heart, the vibrations of his spleen, the quivering of his liver, and the jumps of his kidney. The sounds of the five internal organs fused to form this song!

It crossed with his body song; fused with wind, cloud, thunder, and rain; and finally entangled with life and death to cause all eight songs to erupt!

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