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Ark murmured as he bit his lip. Karma’s attribute was “demonic.’ The Innocence Knight’s “Holy’ attribute was its natural enemy. Just like when she assisted him against Tamura, Lariette’s magic would be effective against Karma. However, Karma wasn’t going to wait politely while Ark left to fetch Lariette.

“If Razak is eaten, I might be able to fetch Lariette and liberate him before he is completely digested. But it would be an issue if that fellow swallows Razak’s soul. Even if I hid, I don’t know what the chaos energy will do. What is an alternative method? Huh? Wait? Tamura?’

Then an epiphany came to Ark’s head.

“That’s right, didn’t Tamura also use the dead as a recovery source? I managed to block his recovery……’

This was just like when he fought Tamura after Lariette changed to an Innocence Knight. When cornered. Tamura absorbed the dark fragments and transformed himself. Then he fed on the dead to restore his health. Monsters will the demonic attribute seemed to have the ability to recover through souls. However, it was Ark that stopped Tamura’s recovery not the Innocence Knight.

“The method I used to block his recovery……!’

It felt like a lightning bolt had struck his skull. Ark raised his head and exclaimed.

“Please recover. Remember the memory of when you were honourable soldiers of Oberium which ruled Seutandal. You have been dropped into a hopeless pit thanks to the magic.

You are the only people who can save yourselves!”


A strange sound suddenly resonated from Karma who had swallowed the souls.

-Kuaaaah…..what….what the….this….this is?

Black blood suddenly flowed from Karma’s body. Although Karma’s health after he changed to a black sphere was low, Ark was absolutely certain that the damage he received wasn’t low. The movement which Karma used to pick up and swallow the dead became dull. Ark’s eye lit up at the sight.

“It’s just like with Tamura. He can’t recover health when the Nursing effect is applied to the dead. I’ve finally found it. It is this fellow’s weakness! Now I can defeat him alone!’

That’s right. This was the method he used to stop Tamura’s recovery. When he used Nursing, there was an additional effect of “Blessing.’ “Blessing’ has a holy attribute. Since Karma absorbed the dead blessed with the holy effect, he received damage instead of recovery. Every time Karma absorbed a soul which had received Nursing, he shook as he suffered a blow. Finally Karma stopped Soul Absorption and glared at Ark.

-Ohhh….you, you…..! After snatching my gem… you dare do such a thing…..never…..I’ll never forgive you!

“You won’t forgive me? What did you say?”

Until now there had been confusion on Ark’s face. He had been thinking about escaping but the situation had changed. Once Soul Absorption was released, Razak was also freed. Furthermore, Karma couldn’t attack Ark directly so he was now insignificant!

“Why are you behaving so impertinently? It’s my turn now!”

-You intend to attack me…..

“Attack you? Why would I do something as tiring as that? Your stomach is full of weapons.”


Karma flinched a little bit. Ark smiled and used Nursing again.

“Now, see what your willpower has accomplished! When your will opposes, the enormous evil won’t be able to control your soul! Your soul only belongs to you. Now it is your turn! Brave residents of Oberium, wake up and fight against the darkness!”


At the same time, there was a tremendous sound from inside Karma. Yes, Karma couldn’t swallow any more souls but he already had some trapped inside him. The souls of the dead hadn’t disappeared yet. It was only trapped. And Ark used Nursing on the souls of the dead that were confined. In other words, all the souls within Karma had changed into a bomb. Thanks to the blessing effect of Nursing, it will like Karma had swallowed a handful of grenades as there were the sound of explosions and holes appeared in his body. Just like a pierced balloon, the sphere deflated as the souls of the dead exited through the hole. It wasn’t possible to keep trapping the exploding souls. It was the weaponization of Nursing! At that moment, an intense light appeared around Ark’s body.

-The Miracle Nursing was successful.

Your sincerity in regards to the dead had surpassed the limits of space and species. In the past, the residents of the glorious Oberium was cursed with a spell and became the miserable undead. Thanks to the physical form, their souls had become sick and despairing! The most feared sickness in the world was despair Those who would die honourable have forgotten as the despair degraded and corrupted their souls. In the end, they became the dead with no sense of commitment. Yes, the most fearful point of the curse that the Dark Lord created was the ability to take away hope and give despair. But you have given those despairing souls courage to overcome the despair.

You have not abandoned the souls that everyone else has forgotten. You have extended a helping hand to them even when there was no hope left. Having a heart which doesn’t give up is a true qualification of a caretaker. Thanks to this achievement, you have become a true paragon of a caretaker and have reached a higher level.

* Due to the success of miracle nursing, all stats increase by 1.

* The Affection stat increased by 10.

*Fame increased by 50.

*Alignment to good increased by 50.

* The “Purification’ effect is applied to all the souls of the dead.

-Thanks to the success of Miracle Nursing, you’ve received the title of Oberium’s Caretaker.

Your fame as a Caretaker has increased, so you will receive praises from many patients.

* As a title bonus, all stats increase by 2.

*Fame increases by 50.

“Miracle Nursing! Stat bonuses!’

It was an excellent choice to see it through to the end. When Miracle Nursing was used, all the souls were vomited out. With all the souls vomited out, Karma was worthless now. The black sphere was unable to maintain its form and crumpled.

“Although I can’t deal any more damage with Nursing now that the souls are gone, there are also no ways to attack me. I can just relax and use Elemental Sword until it’s over.’

“Come, shall I finish this? Elemental sword, Fire attribute!”

Ark smiled cruelly and used his magic sword.

-Kukuku… stupid fellow!

Then hundreds of tentacles suddenly extended from Karma and wrapped around Razak and the souls. However, Ark just snorted and laughed.

“Bah, do you want to commit suicide?”

The “Purification’ effect of Miracle Nursing also applied to Razak. Even if Karma swallowed the soul, it would just deal damage and he would have to vomit it out again. Swallowing the soul was like committing suicide. However, Karma didn’t swallow the souls again. After Karma captured the soul, he suddenly grew to an extravagant size.

“Huk, how come? Haven’t all the souls been vomited?”

Karma had a vague smile at Ark’s confusion.

-Huhuhu…you fool…..still don’t know…..these souls are all affected by my magic……despite them exiting, I had time to absorb the souls……but the magic fell off the souls once they were purified…..where do you think all that magic went?

“Don’t tell me…..?”

-That’s right…..because of you, all the magic separated from the souls was absorbed by me……it was exactly what I wanted…..I’ll show you what my grudge for hundreds of years can do!

Ark’s face stiffened at the messages that appeared continuously.

-Karma’s chaos energy has been 100% charged and the “Chain Disappearance’ skill used.

When “Chain Disappearance’ is used, all the undead connected with Karma will disappear together. After the soul disappears, it will cause a chain explosion that will deal x100 damage to all living things.

<Time until Chain Disappearance is used: 3 minutes>

“Chain Disappearance……!’

Ark then recalled the words that Karma shouted in the crypt. Karma had fallen into despair after Ark took away his precious gem. And this was the ruin that Karma wanted! Karma had gathered the chaos energy in order to completely ruin Oberium. His use of Miracle Nursing had actually helped Karma instead. He needed the chaos energy to be charged before he could use the curse magic. Karma had taken advantage of the energy from Miracle Nursing to charge the chaos energy. The price of his mistake was ruin…..!


The floating eyeball shouted in a desperate voice. In fact, Buksil had been watching the battle from the opposite side of the river. But Chain Disappearance was a skill which dealt x100 damage by the number of souls to all living things within Oberium. There were hundreds of souls within Oberium. It was a nuclear bomb which would deal thousands of damage with one blow. Ark and even Buksil who was on the outskirts would be blown apart.

“Damn, do we have to leave?”

Ark ran forward and swung his sword.


Karma’s body was struck and a black piece struck off. But although there was a black piece on the ground, the main body just grew back again. It was the same with his tentacles. No matter how many times the tentacles around Razak were cut down, they just grew back again.

“We’re screwed. Should I have run away sooner?’

But it was already too late. Now that the skill was used, Ark and Buksil wouldn’t be able to escape from Oberium within 3 minutes.

“Racard, what are you staring blankly at? Stop him!”

“But none of my attacks hit.”

“Damn, who told you to stop cutting the tentacles? Continue cutting them until they can’t combine anymore!”


Racard picked up a stone and brought it down on the black chunks. However, the stone just passed through the blackness like Ark’s sword. Karma looked at Ark and Racard and shouted.

-Hahaha, it’s impossible……now the only thing left is death…..everything will die!

In the end the stone was just thrown away. Racard who was looking around suddenly noticed something strange in a corner and flew to Ark.

“Eh? Master, look at that!”

“Can’t you see I’m a bit busy? Hyaaaaa!”

“It’s not that. Look over there?”

“Damn, what is it? Eh? What the, that is?”

Ark frowned as he turned around but his expression soon changed to match Racard’s. Ark frantically swung his sword and sliced off chunks of blackness. But the black lumps soon re-joined with the main body once cut off. However, there were some chunks which couldn’t re-join. The place where Ark was hacking at Karma was in the centre of Oberium where the dead merchant engaged in business. When the black chunks that Ark cut off fell onto the merchant’s stall, the black chunks were absorbed by the japtem.

“What on earth is going on? The black lumps are pure magic so why are they absorbed by the items?’

Ark stared at it with amazement for a while before he remembered something.

“Wait…..the black lumps were originally a part of Karma. Karma had reassembled his body from the bones that Anguradon discarded in the underground crypt which had absorbed the magic for a long time. Ah, I see!’

He realized that he had forgotten a simple fact. It was Anguradon’s body in the underground crypt, but the discarded bones were just japtem. Karma had used the magic collected in the japtem to create himself. Karma sucked the surrounding magic from the underground crypt in order to become strong enough to threaten Anguradon. Anyway, the answer was simple when considering Karma’s background. The amount of magic that could be absorbed depended on certain conditions.

“When it falls off Karma’s body, it is just lumps of magic. Then just like the magic poured into the bones in the crypt the first time, wouldn’t the magic be poured into the japtem? If all the magic was concentrated in one place then another monster similar to Karma might develop. But if I distribute the cut pieces…..ok, it is worth a try!’

He had to try something instead of doing nothing.

“Racard, satellite mode. Display all the japtem present in the area!”

“Ohhh, understood!”

Racard flew upwards at Ark’s command. At the same time, a small mini map appeared on the top right of Ark and marked the location of all the japtem.

“Okay, Riposte!”

Ark used Riposte in the direction all the japtem was gathered. Karma’s body flew like pudding in every direction. Some of the lumps fell on the ground and re-joined the body but other magic lumps fell on the japtem and disappeared after being absorbed. The japtem which absorbed the magic turned black. After the magic was absorbed, the nature of the item was changed. Anyway, it was still japtem. No matter how much the japtem changed, there was no reason to pay attention to it.

“It has an effect. The main body is shrinking!”

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