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“It would appear that the Holy Land of Martialism is different from what I imagined it to be. It turned out that the grand Occult Blood Church’s church master only possessed such level of weapon.”

Seeing the blood red colored light rays that had covered the sky and feeling the oppressive might displayed by this rank two Martial King, not only was Chu Feng not afraid in the slightest, a cold, mocking smile instead appeared on the corners of his mouth. MGA: Chapter 1020 – Mysterious Treasure Box

“Arrogant child, you actually dared to ridicule this grand church head’s weapon? Today, I shall allow you to experience the might of my weapon.”

Seeing that his prided weapon was unexpectedly insulted, this caused the grand church head of the Occult Blood Church to become visibly angry. He waved the half-moon shaped blade in his hand from left to right and a burst of Martial King martial power was shot forth, engulfing everything. The Martial King martial power turned into tens of thousands of blood red colored light rays and, with sounds like that of wolves crying and ghosts howling, rushed toward Chu Feng.

That was a martial skill. Not only was it extremely profound and contained the power of evil, it also managed to perfectly combine with this Incomplete Royal Armament and gave off an extremely powerful might.

However, despite this, Chu Feng was still fearless. Only at the moment when the attack that gave off the sounds of wolves crying and ghosts howling were fast-approaching did he suddenly wave his palm. A large black sword appeared in his hand.



Once the pitch black colored sword appeared, rising wind immediately started appearing and the earth started to tremble. The attack that the church head of the Occult Blood Church had cast instantly vanished like smoke in thin air. As this for large sword, it was naturally the king among Royal Armaments, the Demon Sealing Sword.

Once the Demon Sealing Sword appeared, Chu Feng’s aura also completely changed. He was like a real God of War. As for the Demon Sealing Sword that he held in his hand, it was like a dragon that would devour everything. With its invincible might, the Demon Sealing Sword was thrust toward the chest of the Occult Blood Church’s church head.

“Damn it.”

At this moment, the Occult Blood Church’s church head had thought about using his all to defend the incoming attack. However, when he started to brandish the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand, he was shocked to discover that not only was the Incomplete Royal Armament in his hand violently trembling, it even seemed to have lost control – it had already lost its ability to resist.

“Puchi.” At the split second when the Occult Blood Church’s church head hesitated, the Demon Sealing Sword in Chu Feng’s hand had already pierced into his chest and out his back.

“Wuuwa.” Having his chest penetrated by the giant sword, the Occult Blood Church’s church head gave off a miserable scream. At this moment, like a nail, he was pinned to the altar and unable to move at all.

“You, you, who exactly are you?” The church head of the Occult Blood Church started to panic. At the moment when Chu Feng took out the Demon Sealing Sword, he already realized that Chu Feng was definitely not of ordinary origins.

That was because he was able to sense the Demon Sealing Sword that Chu Feng had taken out was a Royal Armament. Furthermore, based on the might that it displayed, it seemed to be several times more powerful than the Royal Armaments that he had seen before. At the very least, the oppressive sensation that it had given to his Incomplete Royal Armament had greatly surpassed that of ordinary Royal Armaments.

This caused him to become certain that there was definitely a formidable power behind Chu Feng. Otherwise, with his cultivation and age, how could he possibly possess such a precious weapon?

“Senior Luo, how do you wish to torment this scum?” Chu Feng did not bother to pay attention to the Occult Blood Church’s church head. Instead, his gaze was cast toward Grandfather Luo.

“This…” Although Grandfather Luo’s hatred for the Occult Blood Church’s church head was deep to the bone, but when asked about how to torment him, Grandfather Luo actually started to hesitate.

“No matter, since all torments are the same, allow this junior to help you with it.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and stopped waiting for Grandfather Luo’s response. While keeping the Occult Blood Church’s church head pinned by the Demon Sealing Sword, Chu Feng extended his two hands. Like two large pincers, he started to pinch the body of the Occult Blood Church.


Chu Feng’s hands were extremely powerful. Anywhere he pinched would give off a ‘kacha, kacha’ sound of something being broken. As for the places that he pinched, not only would the flesh and blood be mutilated, even the bones would be broken. In merely a blink of an eye, Chu Feng’s hands had gone past the entire body of the Occult Blood Church’s church head. This caused the church head’s body to be covered in blood with broken bones all over. He had turned into a cripple.

After subjecting the Occult Blood Church’s church head to the pain of having his entire body’s bones broken, Chu Feng did not stop. Instead, he raised his hand and a dagger appeared in it. Once the dagger appeared, Chu Feng began to frantically pierce it into the body of the Occult Blood Church’s church head. Relying on the sharpness of the dagger, Chu Feng began to pull out the tendons and meridians of the Occult Blood Church’s church head one after another and then pierced holes through his organs.

“Ah~~~~ Stop, stop. Don’t torment me anymore. The treasure box that you want is in my Cosmos Sack. If you want it, then take it. After all, it is merely a useless item that can’t even be opened. I don’t want it anymore, I’m giving it back, alright?”

“Please spare my life. Big brother Luo, I was wrong. Please spare my life.”

Unable to bear Chu Feng’s torments anymore, the Occult Blood Church’s church head began to beg for forgiveness. Seeing that begging to Chu Feng was useless, he cast his gaze toward Grandfather Luo.

Seeing Chu Feng tormenting the Occult Blood Church’s church head like that, even Grandfather Luo who had experienced many large gales and waves started to deeply frown. His forehead was filled with cold sweat. As his age was old, he had also become unable to endure watching this sort of excessively cruel torment anymore. Thus, he opened his mouth and said,

“Chu Feng, you can stop. Take out that treasure box of mine and check it out first. See if what he had said is true or false. After all, his life is nowhere as precious as that treasure chest of mine.”

Hearing Grandfather Luo speaking out, Chu Feng naturally stopped his torment. He went and picked up the Occult Blood Church’s church head’s cosmos sack. After inspecting it, he soon discovered an extraordinary item in it.

After taking out that item, even Chu Feng’s eyes started to shine. That was because that was a treasure box.

This treasure box was a wooden box. Its color was a bit blackish purple. From a single glance, it appeared to be very shabby. However, those people with great eyesight were able to tell with a single glance that it was a treasure box.

This treasure box was very ancient. As for the runes and patterns on it, they too were extremely profound. The most important matter was when one held it in their hand, one would be able to sense an extremely powerful energy flowing through the treasure box. This meant that the treasure chest contained extraordinary items.

“Wow, it’s actually a treasure box. Chu Feng, quickly open it and see exactly what it is that’s inside.” At this moment, even the great Lady Queen gasped in surprise. Unable to stop herself, she ran over to Chu Feng.

“Haha, open this treasure box? You can continue to dream! After I obtained this treasure box, I had painstakingly studied it for many years. However, I was unable to open it at all.” The Occult Blood Church’s church head sneered.

“Heh….” Toward the words spoken by the Occult Blood Church’s church head, Chu Feng merely gave a laugh of disdain. He did not directly try to open the treasure box right away. Instead, his gaze flashed, activating his Heaven Eyes. Using that, Chu Feng began to carefully inspect the patterns on the treasure box.

After his inspection, he spread out his majestic golden spiritual energy and began to create a unique opening formation on the ground. Next, he placed the treasure chest in the opening formation and began to activate it.

“Buzz.” As the formation was activated, light instantly engulfed the entire place. Layers upon layers of powerful runes, like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses, started to attack the treasure box. Before that sort of attack, the treasure box actually started to slightly sway. Moreover, the runes on the treasure box also began to flicker with light. In the end, a popping sound was heard. That treasure box was indeed opened.

“Impossible. This is impossible. I have painstakingly spent all those years trying to open it to no avail, how could you possibly open it?”

Seeing the treasure box being opened before his eyes, the Occult Blood Church’s church head was driven mad. Like a crazy man, he started to twist and wring his body and was trying to break away from the binding of the Demon Sealing Sword. At the same time, his eyes were emitting a gaze filled with greed and was fixed upon the opened treasure box. From this, one could tell how badly he wanted the things inside the treasure box.

In reality, not only him, even Grandfather Luo had an expression of shock. He was so emotional that his aged body was even shivering. If the Occult Blood Church’s church head had spent many years in trying to open this treasure box to no avail, then the amount of time that Grandfather Luo had spent was several decades.

The treasure box that they had spent that many years trying to open with no avail, was actually opened after being in Chu Feng’s hand for only a short moment. How could they possibly not be emotional?

At this moment, they realized an issue. It turned out that it wasn’t that the treasure box was hard to open. Instead, it was that the methods they used to to try opening the treasure box was far too inferior. Chapter 1021 – Three items

At this moment, both Chu Feng and Eggy’s gazes were also fixed upon that treasure box. They were already deeply attracted by the items within the treasure box.

There was a total of three items within the treasure box. It could be said that every single one of them were invaluable treasures. It was so much that if one was to randomly take either one of those three items out, they would be able to create a carnage of blood.

The first item was a fruit the size of a walnut. This fruit was light blue in color. On the surface of this fruit was a scale-like layer. On the center of that scale-like layer were patterns. The patterns were emitting a light glimmer.

Other than the light glimmer, the patterns were also emitting a light aroma. The aroma was not very heavy. However, it gave off a fascinating sensation that was hard to resist.

The most important matter was that Chu Feng sensed an extremely powerful natural energy. That sort of energy was even stronger than the energy of the Natural Oddities that Chu Feng had refined in the past.

However, this fruit was clearly not a Natural Oddity. Instead, it appeared more like an ordinary medicinal fruit for cultivation, an ordinary cultivation resource. However, the natural energy that it contained within it was truly marvelous.

One must say that this first item had already caused Chu Feng’s heartbeat to accelerate. It was not that Chu Feng had never experienced such a thing before, it was just that the amount of energy contained within this fruit was truly too terrifying. It was likely even possible for Chu Feng to make a breakthrough of a single rank using that fruit.

“Eggy, do you know what this is?” Chu Feng asked.

“No idea. However, I know that it’s a good item that could allow your cultivation to increase.”

“Other than that, judging from its appearance, it looks like a kind of fruit. Although the shape that it had condensed to is relatively complicated, it is absolutely not as complicated as that of Natural Oddities. If my guess is correct, there ought to be a lot of fruits like this one here. It seems like a fruit that was picked from a tree.” Eggy said while blinking her large eyes.

“A lot more of these?” Hearing those words, even Chu Feng was unable to help himself from gulping a mouthful of saliva. If Chu Feng wanted to increase his cultivation, what was it that he needed the most? What he needed the most was cultivation resources!

Currently, just this mysterious fruit had caused Chu Feng to become this emotional. If there was truly a lot more of this kind of fruit, then what would it mean for Chu Feng?

“If my guess is correct, this fruit has yet to ripe. It could be said that it is an immature fruit. If it is half matured or fully matured, then the energy contained within it would definitely surpass your imagination even more.” Eggy added with a smile on her face.

“Gulp.” When he heard that, Chu Feng once again gulped down a mouthful of saliva. His desire, the desire to search for this sort of fruit, had been completely evoked by Eggy.

“Perhaps that map might contain the location for this sort of fruit.” Said Eggy as she pointed to the second item in the treasure box.

That’s right. In this treasure box, the first item was this fruit that contained an extremely astonishing amount of natural energy. As for the second item, it was a map. Well, at the very least, it appeared like a map.

It was an extremely ancient map. It was made out of kraft paper. At this moment, it was folded and placed within the treasure box.

As for the final item, it was a completely dark golden colored little dagger. No, accurately describing, it was not a dagger. Instead, it appeared more like a cane. However, it was not a cane.

In short, this item was extremely beautiful. It emitted a light glimmer. As long as one took a glance at it, one would be able to tell that it was an extraordinary treasure. However, it was not a weapon. No one knew what exactly it was for. It could be said that it was a mystery.

Chu Feng opened the kraft paper and discovered that it was indeed a map. Furthermore, this map was extremely complicated and there were actually two versions of the map on the map. The first version was a version that everyone could see.

This version was located in a place called Cyanwood Mountain. On this version was a large tree. That large tree was filled with gorgeous fruits. When one carefully looked at it, the fruits on the tree were exactly the same as the fruit in this treasure box.

Moreover, a weapon was stuck underneath this tree. Next to that was an enormous treasure chest. This was simply a hint to everyone that there were treasures in the Cyanwood Mountain. Not only was there a large amount of cultivation resources, there was also an unknown treasure chest and a powerful weapon.

“It’s actually the Cyanwood Mountain? Never would I have ever imagined that the treasure recorded in the treasure box that I obtained at a location far away would actually be so close to my hometown.”

At this moment, Grandfather Luo had already come over. When Chu Feng opened the map, he too had carefully inspected it. When he discovered that the treasure was hidden somewhere in the Cyanwood Mountain, he became extremely emotional.

“Senior Luo, could that Cyanwood Mountain be one of the Nine Powers that you have spoken of, the strongest power within this region of land?” Asked Chu Feng.

Due to the fact that the Cyanwood Mountain on the map was extremely large, it meant that it was an extremely vast mountain range. As for exactly how vast it was, it would likely be something that Chu Feng had never experienced before.

Moreover, the location of the Cyanwood Mountain was very good. It was impossible for there to not have someone occupying such a place. Thus, Chu Feng felt that this Cyanwood Mountain was the same as the Cyanwood Mountain, one of the Nine Powers.

“That’s right. There is only a single Cyanwood Mountain in the Holy Land of Martialism. It is one of the Nine Powers.” Grandfather Luo nodded.

Upon hearing Grandfather Luo’s words, Chu Feng started to frown. He began to carefully inspect the map once again. He was using his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect the other portion of the map. This portion was a portion that Grandfather Luo cannot see. That was because this was the version that was hidden.

If the version that everyone could see indicated that the treasure was hidden within the Cyanwood Mountain, then the version that was hidden indicated the exact location of the treasure.

Chu Feng was able to determine from the hidden version that the treasure was hidden in a very vast world. That place was filled with traps and mechanisms and contained a lot of things that surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination. Moreover, some of those things were also hidden.

In other words, while this hidden version of the map had let Chu Feng know about some things, there were still things that were hidden from him. Even if Chu Feng was able to accurately find the location of this treasure, it was still extremely dangerous should he want to enter it.

Using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng carefully inspected the map numerous times in succession. Only when he was certain that he did not miss anything did he move his hand and create a layer of flame on his palm. Using that, he burned the map into ashes.

“Little friend Chu Feng, have you remembered all the contents of this map?” Grandfather Luo was not very shocked by Chu Feng’s action. That was because if it was him, he too would do such a thing.

These three items in the treasure box, if one was to say which one would cause others to covet for it the most, then it would definitely be that map. That was because anyone could tell that it was a treasure map. If one was to place this treasure map on them, it would be extremely unsafe. Thus, it was better for one to remember the contents of the treasure map in their head.

“I’ve remembered everything. Merely, this treasure is not as simple as it seems.” While he said those words, Chu Feng had already placed away that cane-like yet dagger-like item. He was unable to be certain what use this item had. However, he was certain that it was definitely related with the treasure. Thus, it would definitely be of use for him to have it on him. Chapter 1022 – Rank Nine Martial Lord

Towards Chu Feng’s action, Grandfather Luo also nodded his head expressing his approval. After all, he had said at the beginning that he would present the treasure box as a gift to Chu Feng in return for helping him obtain his revenge.

In fact, he was very certain that the current him simply did not possess the ability to use these items. Even if he was to obtain them, they would be useless to him. Moreover, they might even cause others to come to kill him so as to steal the items. Thus, rather than being wasted in his hands, it was better for them to be used in Chu Feng’s hands.

However, the moment when Chu Feng did his third action, he became puzzled by it. To be exact, he was greatly puzzled by it. That was because at this very moment, Chu Feng had placed that mysterious fruit into his mouth.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what are you doing? Although this item appeared like a fruit, it is not as simple as a fruit. The energy contained within it is too terrifying. For you to directly swallow it like that might cause you to explode and die.” Sensing that something was wrong, Grandfather Luo immediately spoke to advise against it.

At the same time, that Occult Blood Church’s church head who was pinned by the Demon Sealing Sword also had his eyes wide open. Seeing the actions of Chu Feng, he was also extremely shocked. However, he did not try to stop Chu Feng. Instead, he was secretly delighted.

Refining cultivation resources always had a step by step process where one would slowly absorb the energy within the resources. For one to do something like Chu Feng had, was simply courting death. Thus, he was thinking the same thing as Grandfather Luo and felt that Chu Feng was ignorant, charmed by that mysterious fruit’s outer appearance and thought that he could directly eat that mysterious fruit.

He was waiting for Chu Feng to continue making mistakes. He was waiting for Chu Feng to explode and die after eating that mysterious fruit. Once that was to happen, he would be able to find a way to escape. Moreover, other than that mysterious fruit, everything else that Chu Feng possessed would all be his.

However, Chu Feng was naturally going to disappoint him. Chu Feng did not bother to respond to Grandfather Luo’s shout. Instead, he directly swallowed that mysterious fruit. After that, he closed his eyes and sat to the ground and entered a cultivation state.


Not long after that mysterious fruit entered Chu Feng’s body, unusual changes began to appear in his body. Layers of powerful martial energy, like tornados, started to revolve around Chu Feng and rapidly spin. Not only did it make the clothes that Chu Feng wore flutter, it also blew back Grandfather Luo who was beside him. Had it not been for Eggy being present and canceling out the might displayed by Chu Feng, that powerful martial energy would’ve cost Grandfather Luo his life.

“Heavens, what, what is happening?” Grandfather Luo was no fool. Seeing the changes that was happening to Chu Feng right now, he was overcome with shock. That was because he was able to tell that the state that Chu Feng was in was a state of achieving a breakthrough. Moreover, it was a state of someone soon to advance to the next rank.

However, he was unable to understand why Chu Feng’s breakthrough would come so quick. One must know that the later the stage a cultivator reaches, the slower it would be for them to achieve a breakthrough. Although Chu Feng was not a Martial King, he was still a Martial Lord. At such a stage, breakthrough would definitely not be that fast.

“Little old man, there is no need for you to panic. I know what you are worried about. You’re worried that mysterious fruit would harm Chu Feng, right?”

“However, allow me to tell you this then. Chu Feng is not as weak as you imagined him to be. Although that mysterious fruit contained a very powerful amount of natural energy, it would not be able to harm Chu Feng. Instead, it would only help him.” Seeing Grandfather Luo’s flustered appearance that seemed like he was about to have a heart attack, Eggy decided to tell him in goodwill.

“What? It’s that mysterious fruit helping him?” Hearing what Eggy said, Grandfather Luo felt the situation was even more inconceivable. What she said essentially meant that Chu Feng was able to refine that mysterious fruit as a whole. Otherwise, how could he obtain the energy of that mysterious fruit?


Right at this moment, the boundless martial power that revolved around Chu Feng suddenly started to condense. In the end, like a reverse flowing river, they all entered into Chu Feng’s body. Following that, Chu Feng’s closed eyes started to open.

When Chu Feng’s eyes were opened, three kinds of lightning were flickering in his eyes. His entire aura had become completely different. The current Chu Feng no longer possessed the cultivation of rank nine Martial Lord. Instead, he had become a Martial King. His cultivation was now that of a rank one Martial King.

“How could this be, this is impossible. Not only did you completely refine that mysterious fruit, you actually managed to increase your cultivation with it? Impossible! This is simply not something that a human could do! What exactly are you?! What the hell are you?!” Upon discovering that Chu Feng was not only fine, he actually managed to achieve a breakthrough, the Occult Blood Church’s church head became frantic. He was unable to accept the truth.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you, you’ve, you’ve broken through to the Martial King stage?” In fact, even Grandfather Luo had an expression of shock. Although he was no longer able to sense Chu Feng’s cultivation, he was able to determine the cultivation stage that Chu Feng was in through the might that he displayed.

Seeing this, Chu Feng lightly smiled and removed the Thunder Armor that he was wearing. His cultivation dropped back down to that of a rank nine Martial Lord. Only then did he say, “Senior Luo, earlier this junior indeed managed to achieve a breakthrough. However, I have not broken through to the Martial King stage. Instead, I reached a breakthrough from rank eight Martial Lord to rank nine Martial Lord.”

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