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Evelyn said. “I know, I know. But aren’t we protecting the world right now? No one wishes that monster to resurrect completely. Isn’t it also your responsibility… to obtain the Book of Amun-Ra and kill him?”

Evelyn suddenly recalled something. “Right, did you mention Anck-Su-Namun? That monster called me by this name in the tomb.”

The man and curator was surprised. “According to historical records, this woman was the cause of Imhotep suffering suffering the Hom-Dai curse… He probably thought of you as the reincarnation of Anck-Su-Namun. If he wants to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun, he needs the Book of the Dead and a human sacrifice. This human sacrifice…”

“It’s probably me?” Evelyn climbed the stairs to the second floor as he replied. She stood next to a stone tablet with hieroglyphs.

“According to archaeological researches, the Book of Amun-Ra was hidden inside the statue of Osiris. But we found the Book of the Dead inside the statue instead. So the archaeologists were wrong. They mixed up the locations of the two books…”

“If I am not mistaken, the Book of Amun-Ra must be… inside the statue of Ra!”

“Yes! The Book of Amun-Ra is inside the statue of Ra, but… you won’t be able to see that book!”

A voice came from above. Everyone quickly looked over and saw a dark and skinny man holding an unusual curved blade standing on by the second floor window. He jumped down while laughing arrogantly and swung the blade at Evelyn’s head!


The skinny man was hit by a series of gunshots during midair, sending him back almost ten meters, and knocking down several bookshelves. At the same time, Zheng and his group broke in from a window. Vol 5: Chapter 9-3.

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and come down!” Zheng rushed into the museum and shouted. At the same time, a wall on the second floor shook, cracks appeared and began to expand. Evelyn screamed as she saw it. Fortunately she was smart enough to run down the stairs immediately.

O’Connell and the other characters pulled out their guns but before they had the chance to do anything, the wall on second floor exploded. A giant man of three meters tall came in from the hole. He saw Zheng and immediately shouted. “You weakling that only knows how to run! Come and fight me again!” He jumped down from second floor before he finished talking.

Zheng was a bit surprised when he saw this muscular man. His arm had completely healed. Aside from color of the skin appearing whiter, the arm was as muscular as before. The man jumped in between Evelyn and everyone else. His feet stepped into the concrete ground causing two dented footprints. You could tell his weight and power of the jump.

The muscular man didn’t even take a look at Evelyn. He grabbed a bookshelf and threw it over at Zheng. Although the throw was powerful enough, its accuracy was inversely proportional. The shelf went over everyone’s heads and hit the glass display shelves behind.

The curator moaned and was about to yell when O’Connell, the two Americans and the man in black opened fire at the muscular man. Yet their bullets couldn’t even penetrate his skin.

“Shit! Zheng, where did you lure this monster from! Is he the mummy’s subordinate?” O’Connell shouted as he kept firing.

Zheng shouted in reply. “… In some sense yes, he’s on the side of the mummy. Anyway you guys hurry up and leave. This isn’t a battle that you can join. Tenyi! Take them out of the museum!”

Evelyn yelled. “O’Connell! If you dare to leave me behind, I won’t forgive you even if I become a mummy!”

O’Connell shrugged as he smiled bitterly. He pulled out another gun and shouted. “Shit, why did I ever meet a woman like you! Hurry up and come over from the side!”

Zheng saw that the muscular man turned to Evelyn. He had no choice but to take out his knife then jumped at the man. He slashed at the man’s legs before Evelyn was attacked.

The musuclar man immediately jumped away in response. He was already several meters off the ground when the knife reached him. At the same time he punched downward. The immense pressure from the punch forced Zheng to block it with his knife. With a loud bang, the ground around them collapsed. The two of them fell into the room below.

Everyone was shocked. O’Connell asked. “There’s a basement?”

The curator nodded. “Yes, there’s a room below for storing documents, broken tablets, and broken mummies… Are you sure they are human?”

O’Connell looked at the second floor and said. “I don’t know if they are human or not, but we if don’t run right now… I don’t think we can be human for any longer.”

The skinny man that was shot away was standing on the stairs on second floor. There was no trace of gunshots on him, as if bullets were useless against him. His curved blades were very strange, they were surrounded by a cold fog. The man jumped down without a word then turned to Evelyn.

Right at that moment, two girls entered the museum from where Zheng entered. The short haired girl’s hand flashed, a silver throwing knife flew at the man’s neck, forcing him to pulled his blade back to block the knife. The impact knocked him over a meter back. When he landed on the ground, Evelyn had already ran into O’Connell’s arms.

The two girls that entered were Yinkong and Lan. Lan frowned as she looked at the big hole on the ground. “You guys leave first. We will talk later… Wind Spirit!”

Yinkong was already running to the skinny man while holding her dagger. Lan immediately casted the acceleration buff on her. Her incredible speed became even faster. The dagger came in contact the curved blade in almost an instant. As blood dripped from the man’s left arm, one of his blade also fell to the ground.

“You, you’re also from the assassin’s clan!” His face suddenly changed. He didn’t even try to pick up the blade and instead backed off as fast as he could.

Yinkong’s eyes looked bloodthirsty. She moved toward the man casually step by step, but her speed was much faster than his. As she was about to enter the attack range, she immediately flipped backward. Several throwing knives appeared at where she was standing… No, not throwing knives but rather scalpels. A figure in white came out from the second floor. A doctor like blonde European stood in front of the skinny man.

Next to the window on the second floor, a monk and several men and women were standing there. The monk looked down at everyone on the first floor with tease… Just like how a cat looks at the mouse trying to run away, bloodthirsty, cruel… Vol 5: Chapter 10-1.

10 (1/3)

“Unfortunately it seems you ignored our suggestion for peace, or perhaps you believe you can win against our team. Even if you lost a team member in the beginning…” The monk walked in slowly.

Walking beside the monk was two women and a man, including the blonde doctor, the muscular man, and the cyborg, team India had at least eight members.

Yinkong did not take her eyes off the blonde man to look at the new comers. The two of them were moving in similar manners, silent footsteps, holding onto weapons with both hands, eyes fixed onto each other, as soon as the other person lets his or her guards down, they will attack without hesitation like a snake.

“You are the one who caught Muhammad Joseph? Then must be holding onto a magical weapon. It takes me quite a bit of effort if I have to catch him alive… Young assassin, snow white skin, red and soft blood vessels. Cut open your stomach and hold onto those organs then crush them… haha!” He got more and more excited as he talked, in the end he started laughing like a mad man. He moved toward Yinkong like a shadow.

Yinkong immediately raised her dagger in front of her. With a clank, she felt a huge force coming through her hand. The blonde man was holding two crystal like scalpels. Yinkong could only see a glimpse of light from the reflection before the pain on her right hand registered. One fifth of her thumb was cut off. Luckily she backed off instantly and dodged the follow up attacks. Even so, her right hand was already dripping in blood.

“Wolf doctor Arot… Aren’t you already dead? The European assassin’s clans couldn’t have let you get away… Why are you still alive?” Yinkong didn’t even look at her thumb. Her eyes went out of focus, she had entered the unlocked mode as she was talking. Although her life was not at risk yet, the pressure exerting from Arot was too much, as if he would cut her apart in the next moment.

Arot’s mental state was getting more crazy. He licked the blood on the scalpel, and with a light pull of the hand, he cut off the tip of his tongue. He yelled. “Virgin blood! Skin, vessels, muscles, organs, brain… cut open all of them. Hahahaha!”

A woman next to the monk who had her eyes closed the whole time saw his craziness and frowned. “Leader, he’s going mad again. I can’t suppress it anymore… If he continues, he will kill everything in his view…”

The monk looked at the first floor quietly and said. “Then let him go mad. We can see how much power team China has. If he can kill everyone of them here, then we will start the hunt, wipe out their team…”

Arot kept yelling, his body was convulsing like during an orgasm. Yinkong tried to run up for an attack several times but as soon as she moved her feet, his eyes would became fixed on her, forcing her to stop in place. Arot’s body slowly enlarged, breaking his clothes. His body hair was growing longer until he transformed into a werewolf. His nails were crystal scalpels instead.

The werewolf raised his head to the sky and howled. Suddenly blood splashed from his neck, a silver throwing knife stabbed into his neck. Unfortunately its power was only enough to penetrate his skin and didn’t even reach into his muscle. Arot pulled out the knife then closed his hand, crushing the knife into coin like. Then he jumped at Yinkong.

“Run!” Yinkong only had the chance to yelled a single word before she was sent flying into the shelves. Paper and bits of wood floated in the air. For a while, the other people could only hear the clanking sounds of metals hitting onto each other, and the occasional moans from Yinkong.

Lan quickly took out a smoke grenade. She exchanged it before entering the movie and never thought it would come into use. As she was about to pulled the ring, Tengyi placed his gun on her head.

Lan yelled with shock and anger. “Qi… Qi Tengyi! You crazy? Do you think they will let you live if you kill me? Impossible! They will just kill you… Tengyi?”

Tengyi’s eyes were filled with pain. His whole body was shivering but that gun was fixed on Lan’s head.

The woman with closed eyes said. “The girl from the assassin’s clan had undergone mental training, I can not control her. This woman seemed to have enhanced his mental capacity, it’s not easy to control her either. So I can only control the one next to her…”

The monk laughed lightly. “No, you did a good job, Shanaia. Kill the four of them here. The one in the basement should become ground meat by now. Minima’s close combat is only second to Arot… Team China is only so much, we can…”

Before he finished talking, they heard a huge impact and shout from the basement. Several seconds later, two people jumped out from the floor. Zheng’s face was full of blood, his muscles were all puffed up, and his hand was grabbing onto the giant’s neck. The two of them kept fighting on the ground until they heard the sound of bones snapped. Minima’s body lost all strength. Zheng’s eyes were bloody red. He was biting onto the giant’s shoulder, while his other hand was holding a knife next to the giant’s neck.

“I know you have a doctor in your team. You can swap him an arm even after I cut his arm off. I only snapped his neck… He’s still alive, but can’t last much longer. Let go of Tengyi, let them leave the museum or we will trade losses!” Vol 5: Chapter 10-2.

The skinny man with curved blade began moving toward Zheng, but the monk quickly said. “Stop, Charcoal! Minima is still alive!”

Charcoal hesitated then stopped. The monk walked off the second floor as if he could stand on air. To everyone’s surprise, he slowly walked down to the first floor.

Zheng had entered the second stage of the unlocked mode by now.

When they were in the basement, due to the lack of light, he didn’t receive much damage. Although the giant’s strikes were extremely powerful, especially the hand with the claw, which could crush the wall into powder with a punch. But aside from power, his senses, vision, and control over his power were weak. While inside the basement, only a few of his punches scratched Zheng, most of them missed. Though these few punches still knocked Zheng to the wall. When one side’s power overwhelms by too much, all techniques can become useless.

Zheng didn’t get too close to the Minima afterward. He attacked with his knife from the sides. After a few slashes, the giant’s body was painted with cuts. Several of his tendons were cut off. If it wasn’t for fear of the extreme strength, Zheng would have probably gotten the knife into his heart.

Minima wasn’t an idiot. After several cuts he knew he would die if he continued like this. Unable to hit his target while receiving cuts little by little. The glooming realization made him shouted with insanity. He ignored everything and charged at Zheng, letting the knife stab into his stomach and cut his intestines in half. But at the same time he also got a hold of Zheng and enclosed Zheng’s body in his arms.

“Keep running! Chinese monkey! Run! You think you are really a monkey? Let me made you into ground meat! Weakling that only knows how to run!” He yelled then closed in with his arms. He could hear the sound of bones fracturing from Zheng’s body.


Zheng also began screaming like mad. The near death sensation fell upon him. This was the first time he really experienced this sensation since he entered the movie. The power coming from Minima’s arms were too strong that even activating his Qi wasn’t able to help. If he let this continues, it won’t take more than ten seconds before he gets crushed.

(I can’t die! After going through so many dangers… How I can die here!)

Zheng opened his mouth and bit the giant’s shoulder. A taste of blood rushed into his throat. He felt a violent and blood thirsty emotion surfaced from within. His genetic constraint finally unlocked again at this crucial moment and entered the second stage. His muscles began convulsing, two seconds later his muscles puffed up. This was the symbol of the second stage, the ability to control his body at will and unleashing all its potentials!

“Go to hell! Monkey!” Minima was still yelling but before he could finish, a huge force emerged from within his arms and knocked him away to the wall.

“You are the f*cking monkey!”

Zheng’s eyes became bloody red. For some reason, he wanted to drink blood. As soon as he knocked Minima away, he jumped at the giant. The two huge powers clashed into each other. Endless combat instincts streamed into Zheng’s head from the unlocked mode. When his hands clashed with the giant’s, he kicked the ground and jumped over to Minima’s back, which twisted Minima’s arms then pah! His arms snapped.

Minima let out a scream then Zheng knocked him to the ground and snapped both his legs too. It still wasn’t over, Zheng grabbed onto him and jumped up to the first floor until he finally took control over Minima’s life.

The monk was standing about ten meters away. He looked at Zheng and said. “The second stage of the unlocked mode? Then you are the leader of Team China? Shanaia… Let that Tengyi say out their quest!”

Tengyi’s body trembled then his voice forced through his mouth. “Eliminate Imhotep!”

The monk touched his forehead with a finger then said. “Eliminate Imhotep? Good, I thought your quest was to kill Anck-su-Namun. Then… the Book of the Dead is still on your hands? And you’ve used the book. That’s the reason you refused our suggestion and risked your lives to save the characters. Because you probably won’t be able to find the Book of Amun-Ra without them. Too bad that you learned of the secrets of these two books, otherwise we could have remained in peace. But since you know them…”

Zheng was surprised, he asked without thinking. “The secrets of the two books? What secrets?”

“God will put some items inside the movies. These items cannot be exchanged from God, like the spells from the two books cannot be learned from God. Especially the Book of Amun-Ra. Even though every person only has once chance, but having it… Remember, this is the unspoken rule when two teams meet. If both teams are on the same level, then we will exchange information, such as how to survive a specific movie or how to run away when the plot changed. We met a team that experienced this movie, so we also know of the secrets of these two books… But if the powers of two teams are unequal… Shainaia!”

The monk shouted then opened his arms. A giant serpent about a meter in diameter and ten meters long appeared behind him. This serpent had two heads with different colors. When the serpent appeared, Tengyi fell to the ground as if he had loss all his strength. At the same time, Zheng felt that he lost control of his body. He dropped Minima to the ground. One of the serpent’s heads then bit toward him.

That huge mouth looked like it was going to swallow him in whole. Vol 5: Chapter 10-3.

The only thing left in Zheng’s mind was that death was looming in. Everything slowed down at this moment. Tengyi slowing getting up from the floor, Lan running toward him in panic, shredded papers and wood floating on where they were righting, and this giant serpent head coming closer and closer. He could faintly smell the blood coming from its mouth.

If the second stage of the unlocked mode gives absolute control over the body, does the nervous system counts as part of the body? When you unleash the nervous system’s potentials, then your reaction speed…

Zheng’s whole body was violently convulsing. Because of the speed it was convulsing, everyone could only made out his figure, but his body and face became blurred. As the serpent was about to bit into him, Shainaia yelled. “I, I can’t… hold him with the Psyche Chain anymore!”

As she finished her words, Zheng flashed to the side of the serpent’s head, but just barely getting by. He struck the giant head with the fist that had the ring. And he channeled his Qi into the ring. It was like snow came into contact with fire, a huge hole appeared on the serpent’s head instantly. Half of its head was crushed into powder. Then Zheng gave its head a kick and used the propelling force to fly over to Tengyi.

“Give me the grenade!”

Though his words were meaningless as his speed was so much faster than Tengyi. He reached Tengyi in the blink of an eye and grabbed the grenade from his hand. He pulled the ring then threw this smoke grenade over at the monk. A thick white smoke began to fill up the museum.

“Ok, everyone leave the the museum now… Shit, what are you standing here for? Go!” Zheng turned to O’Connell and saw that he was standing there like an idiot. O’Connell and the other characters came into senses after his shout and hurried toward the exit.

“Lan, go with them, don’t let them get separated… Tengyi, hurry, help me read this spell. These are good stuffs I found in the basement… Tengyi?”

Zheng took out a few broken pieces of the mummies, and some sand. Then he took out the Book of the Dead. But Tengyi was standing there with no reaction until several seconds later, he collapsed to the ground. That’s when Zheng and Lan noticed a needle pierced into his heart.

Zheng’s face looked distorted from anger. He held onto Tengyi but he couldn’t pull the needle out… Judging from its position and depth, as soon as he pulled the needle out, Tengyi would lose his life…

“Zheng, give me the book. Hoho, my vision is a little burred.” Tengyi muttered, but blood slipped through his mouth with every word he said.

Zheng held onto him tightly. “Don’t worry, you’re fine. Zero and Yinkong are skilled at dealing with injuries. You should be fine…”

“F*ck! I told you to bring me the book!” Tengyi shouted but that only made him vomited more blood. The cloth at his chest was stained by the blood sipping out.

Zheng opened the book to the page of the spell. Tengyi touched the characters with his fingers and read them out one by one. Zheng could only concentrate on remembering these characters and pronunciations. Ten seconds later, Tengyi finished reading. The monk still hadn’t came out of the smoke. Maybe they weren’t skilled with close combat, though Zheng felt that the monk went back up to second floor instead.

“I am just a grave robber. Those ancient relics and the culture of our country, a culture more magnificent that any other country. I only wanted to bring this culture back to the world… They lied to me and sold the relics to other countries. I am not a f*cking traitor…”

Tengyi’s voice became smaller and smaller. After his last few words, he lay back down quietly. Blood stopped coming out of his chest and the needle came out by itself then floated into the smoke.

“Guardians of death. Listen to my summons…”

Zheng put down Tengyi’s body. He held onto the Book of the Dead then began chanting the spell. As his blood energy drained, the mummy pieces and sand merged together then grew in size. Several seconds later, four skeletal mummies with swords and shields appeared in front of him. Zheng waved his hand at the smoke and these mummies jumped in with incredible speed.

“Lan, bring Tengyi out. Remember not to let the characters get separated…” Zheng took a deep breath and held onto his knife.

Lan wanted to say something but when she saw Zheng face, she picked up Tengyi’s body and ran toward the exit. When her figure went out of sight, a wolf howl came from the other side.

The three meter tall werewolf stood up. His hand was holding onto Yinkong. Her whole body was filled with cuts and a part of her shoulder was bitten off. Her left arm hung there without strength but she was still alive. She looked at Zheng with her feeble and dim eyes.

The werewolf howled again and threw Yinkong at Zheng. When Zheng caught her, the werewolf was already sprinting toward him. The scalpels on its claw was about to pierce through Yinkong’s body. Zheng had no choice but to turn around and take the scalpels with his back to protect Yinkong. The scalpels penetrated into his body and the impact pushed him into the wall. The werewolf kept pushing Zheng through the wall and out of the museum.

With its claw inside Zheng’s back, he howled and lifted Zheng up. His other claw was reaching for Zheng’s neck. Yet Zheng couldn’t do anything at this point. As he saw the monk and the other members of team India walked out from the smoke, hopelessness began to fill his heart.


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