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I nod to the peddler, and collect the aloe-like succulent plants nearby.

Following the instruction of the peddler, I cut off the top tip, and then eat the emerald green flesh with a spoon.


“Is it that bad?”

It’s slightly sour on top of smelling grassy.

The coconut milk-like texture isn’t so bad, but it’s not something you’ll eat by choice.

It feels like I’ll get diarrhea if I eat too much of them, so I throw them away to the side of the road after quenching my thirst.

The next day, we got into the labyrinth city after passing through a gate protected by huge stone statues.

I part way with the peddler on the main gate, and head toward the west Explorer Guild to see if Lilio and the others are there.

“Huh? Isn’t it John.”


Looks like I have a good fortune.

The person I was looking for found me instead.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you run after that beauty-san and went to the Royal Capital?”

“I have some business with Lilio–“

I told Lilio about the letter of introduction.

After telling me, “I think it’s no good”, Lilio brought me to Marientail-san, the captain.

“Letter of introduction?”

“Yeah, I can’t ask them to make me an artificial arm without a letter of introduction from a noble.”

Marientail-san’s expression darkened after hearing me.

“I’m sorry. I am a member of nobles, but a letter written by a noble who isn’t their relative will only get laughed off. It has to be at least written by the head of the house with baronage peer or higher…”

–No good huh.

“Can’t Iona-san do it?”

“I’m from the house of a baron, but we’re a branch family. If I wrote a letter of introduction carelessly, I might be scolded by the head.”

Lilio tried to talk with her sexy-onee-san co-worker, but it was quickly shot down.

It’s understandable, it’s like asking a job from a former boyfriend of your friend if this were in the modern japan.

“Geez, you’re really unlucky. It’d have been better if you came before Satou-san departed.”


“What kind of person is he?”

“U~mm, you see–“

I’m convinced after hearing Lilio’s story.

That guy is either a reincarnated person or a transported one. Moreover, judging from the story of Marientail-san’s beginning of romance, the identity of the silver masked hero who had a fist fight with the greater demon in Seryuu City must be that Satou guy.

Considering it’s said that he has black hair and plain Japanese-like face, he must be a summoned hero.

The current hero of Saga Empire should be called Masaki, so this Satou was probably summoned by another country.

From the story of Saga Empire’s spy, Soutari of the long ear-kin, the people who were summoned by Rumooku Kingdom didn’t have any cheat just like me, therefore, that cheat guy must have been summoned by someone else.

Suddenly, I’m reminded of the meteor swarm from the other day and the [Stars Fall] thing that I just heard.

Did that Satou guy use it by any chance?

If that’s true, then who the heck summoned Satou?

If he was summoned by a country, then that country would have used that power to unify the whole world.

It seems wars are happening on the eastern and western parts of the continent, but there’s no sign of it in the center Shiga Kingdom and the neighboring countries.

Therefore, the summoner should not be a country.

Since he’s fought against demons, it doesn’t seem like the demons or the demon lords did it too.

….Perhaps, the summoner was the God?

I imagined such a baloney.

Marientail-san offered to ask for the letter of introduction from that Satou guy, but I flatly refused.

Satou must be a cheat main protagonist type of man.

There’s no doubt that disturbances will happen in the places where he’s at.

I don’t want to approach such a dangerous place.

Moreover, Satou’s girl–Marientail-san is in this labyrinth city.

Applying tales to real life is dangerous, but from my experience, this world has high affinity with tales. This place should be safe as long as she’s here.

Even if anything happened, Satou probably would appear to remove the danger before she got into crisis.

I remained in this labyrinth city with a reason unsupported by anyone.

Of course the reason is not just that.

“John, are you delving alone again?”


“Won’t you go with us?”


I refuse the invitation of a rabbitfolk who’s wearing a blue mantle, and delve into the labyrinth alone.

My objectives are treasure chests.

Recently I’ve found pieces of magic recipe using beria’s fruit inside treasure chests in shallow floors.

My intuition tells me that this is Satou-shi’s doing.

From the rumor I’ve gathered in this labyrinth city, this Satou-shi guy is a [Good-natured Japanese]. That guy probably prepared the treasure chest event.

Putting that aside, searching for this recipe pieces is attractive.

Certainly the recipe will make me some profit, but there’s another point to be excited about.

Several days ago, the viceroy of Selbira city announced that the explorer who found the last piece would be given the chevalier peerage.

According to the rumor in the city, this was initiated by the viceroy’s follower, Baron Dyukeli, but even if they can’t give me a peerage, a Marquis should be able to write a letter of introduction.

While checking my home-made map, I break through unexplored area.

It’s going to be difficult for the day trip soon.

That said, exploring the labyrinth alone overnight is nonsense.

I can declare that continuing the exploration without sufficient sleep even in the best condition is impossible.

When I was thinking that I should go back soon, the stone monument in the passage began to blink.

–This is bad! It’s a Gushing Hole.

I throw the stink ball to the ground, and run away from that place.

However, I was too impatient and didn’t mind my steps.

The moment my foot stepped on a large slate on the ground, that slate broke, and a pit appeared.

I immediately threw the rope on my waist, but I had no hero revision that would make it coil around the passage’s lumps.

The fact that it was not a vertical pit, but a sloping one was my sole help.

–I have a good fortune.

I wonder how many days have elapsed since I thought that.

It looks like I’ve fallen to the passage just after the Gushing Hole where monsters appeared.

According to the rumor in the labyrinth city, in 100 years, the only people who treaded upon the end of a Gushing Hole and came out alive were Satou-shi and his companions.

At present, every time I met a monster, I sneaked past ones I couldn’t win against, and only fought against ones I could win like goblins and mock-wolf, while advancing through the underground passage.

This underground passage continued deep until a large room filled with spider webs, a dead end.

Of course, there’s probably a passage on the other side of the large room, but I know that the goblins presiding in the large room would be my end, I couldn’t bring myself to recklessly challenge them.

I was able to survive thanks to mayonnaise jar and rock candies that I always brought just in case, and water trickling on the passage wall.

However, it’s getting bad.

I had ran out of mayonnaise on the second day, and the rock candy that I just ate was the last.

Above all, a mantis bastard got stuck on the trap right beside the water source. My life would be in precarious state if I couldn’t drink water.

The special bullets, three remaining.

Although, even if I use the gun, there’s no way I can win against that mantis bastard.

“Aah…. this is the checkmate huh.”

A bullet for the death with dignity–.

“You half-dead person over there, can I have your time?”

–Is it an auditory hallucination?

“If you can give me the knowledge I seek, I can grant you one wish you see?”

–Or perhaps the devil?

Even the devil’s fine.

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