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This reason couldn’t be more logical, so Zhao Yanyan didn’t get suspicious either.

In the Songjiang city of 1995, there were a lot of cars yet. Although this was the provincial capital, there weren’t many families with their own cars, most of them were upper class people in Songjiang. However, a lot of them were Jetta, Santana etc., cars of Mercedes and BMW ranks were rarely seen. Even Zhao Junsheng only drives a Hongqi made in the country.

Just when our car drove out of the development area, a white Honda suddenly rushed over, and didn’t even signal at all after speeding past me before wanting to turn right, he actually thought I would let him! However, I didn’t act pretentious on purpose, I didn’t know this fellow wanted to right turn at all, so I accelerated and sped forward, therefore, the Honda directly crashed on the front of car.

Fuck! This is a new car! I swore in my heart, then jumped off the car after opening the car door. There weren’t insurance for car crashes yet, so after crashing, people would have to pay themselves.

“Fuck you bitch! Do you fucking know how to drive!” A teenager with a cigarette in his mouth jumped down from the Honda, and started swearing while pointing at my nose before I said anything.

Hearing that, I immediately got pissed! Fuck you, you crashed into my car, and is now pointing at me saying this and that? My expression darkened and said, “Be careful when you speak, it’s you who crashed into me right now!”

“I crashed into you? With your crap Jetta, I wouldn’t even crash it if you let me! Do you know what my car is? Honda! Imported original! Can you pay for it?” The teenager with the cigarrete said angrily.

Fuck, isn’t it just a trashy Honda? Imported original? Duh, Quangqi doesn’t exist yet, did you make it if you didn’t import it?

“I have limited patience, I hope you will understand!” This sort of attitude looking down on others was pissing me off to the max. If it wasn’t for me intentionally controlling my emotions, I would have already wacked his head off. “Hold it in my ass, tell me what you’re going to do since you crashed into my car?” The cigarrete teenager pointed to the dented Honda and said.

“…” I laughed instead of getting angry! I crashed? I said, “Then what do you think?”

“Since it’s like this, pay up! Give me five thousand and this is settled,” the cigarette teenager thought that I was going to give in, and prepared to rip me off big time.

“Wait, I want to ask something first, are you paying me, or am I paying you?” I ridiculed.

“Fuck! Bullshit, of course you’re paying me!” The cigarette teenager swore.

I immediately slapped him, “Fucking speak more cleanly! I’m telling you, if you don’t give me an answer for this, don’t think about leaving!” I was really angry, he actually dared to scold me? I was in a good mood so I bullshit a bit with you, if I was in a bad mood, I’ll kick you to meet my sworn old bro.

“You’ve got guts! Fuck! You’re not giving in when I play nice, instead you rather make me use force, since you don’t agree to settle it in private, don’t regret it!” Saying that, he spit the other half of the cigarette on the ground, stared at me. Then he noticed I was taller by him by a head, and so he held it in and didn’t explode, instead he took out a mobile phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

“Hey, Qu-ge right? I’m Zhou Mingyuan!” The cigarette teen said into the phone.


“Yeah, I have some business with you! I am on the Yellow River Road in the development area, I was crashed by a trash Jetta!” Zhou Mingyuan said.


“En, right! You better send a tow truck over, and tow that Jetta away!” Zhou Mingyuan pretentiously hung up, and said cockily to me, “Don’t beg me when the police comes later!”

Hehe, I laughed coldly in my heart. This Zhou Mingyuan most likely called a traffic police he was familiar with over.

Not long later, the sound of sirens could be heard from a police car, behind it was a flat tow truck.

“What happened here?” A fat-faced traffic police with big ears jumped down from the police car, and said pretentiously.

“It’s like this, Qu-ge. I was driving on the road, it was all fine, when this fellow suddenly accelerated from behind and crashed into my car. Look here, such a large pit!” Zhou Mingyuan said like he was wronged.

This Qu-ge haven’t just been doing his job as the traffic police for one or two days, he easily guessed approximately what happened just now. Zhou Mingyuan definitely was bullshitting, and definitely wanted to get ahead of the other person, therefore causing the car crash! Originally Qu-ge really thought that it was the Jetta’s fault, that way it would be easy on him, from but the current situation, the Jetta had no problems, he couldn’t pick out a single little problem! Despite this, he still had to pretend a bit, after all Zhou-gongzi’s father is a oversea Chinese businessman!

“Take out your driving license!” Qu-ge roared at me.

I casually handed him the driving license, this was a crucial step, and it has to be done. However after Qu-ge opened it, he frowned, “Not even two months of driving? That’s way too short, no wonder you got into an accident!” Fuck, you’re making a judgement on the reason of the accident just with the driving age? Why don’t you ask me what happened?

“So according to this police officer, whoever has the shortest driving age would have to take responsibility for the accident right?” I mocked.

“This… is not what I meant!” Qu-ge also felt there was something wrong with what he had said, and it managed to allow the other party to catch on to it.

“The reason of the accident is obvious, Xiao Li, come over and record! This Jetta car with the plate number Song 0… Song 000177…” Qu-ge momentarily blanked after he finished, then turned towards me to ask quietly, “Excuse me, where does this little bro work?”

“Heh!” I snorted, and didn’t answer. However the stacked passes and permits all fell into Qu-ge’s eyes.

This type of lower number car all belonged to officials, even if the person in front of his eyes was someone driving for an official, he still couldn’t piss him off, no to mention that he really had no responsibility!

“Haihai! This Jetta was driving normally, the Honda tried to speed past, causing this traffic accident. The Honda has broken regulations, and should take responsibility of this accident. Tow this Honda away!” Qu-ge ordered loudly. Then he said to me, “This little bro, I’m sorry to have delayed you! Is there anything you need to add for the cause of this accident?”

I didn’t think that before I said anything, the situation was resolved, I had thought I needed to call Jiang Yongfu to deal with it.

The results of Qu-ge’s handling caused Zhou Mingyuan to open his mouth in shock, he only clam back to himself when that Xiao Li got ready to tow his car away, “Qu-ge, did you make a mistake! The Honda is mine!”

“That’s right, Xiao Li, quickly tow it away! Also this Mr. Zhou, please come back to the station with us to cooperate in investigation this accident!” Qu-ge sore in his heart, don’t think that just because your old man made a lot of contribution to this city’s economy, you can just do whatever you want! I’m already giving you a lot of face not asking you to compensate the other person, and you’re still unwilling?

From the tones that the two people were using, I managed to find out about this Zhou-gongzi’s identity. This fellow’s father is a returnee from overseas, and came to Songjiang city to invest and build a factory.

The owners of foreign businesses were still very awesome in the 90s, there were a lot of advantageous policies for them, even the provincial and city officials had to watch out for them due to the benefits of the economy.

It’s just that the traffic police found it difficult to piss off both sides, in a situation like this, the best choice was to treat it like normal.

However, there wasn’t really much wrong with my car, the front just had a bit of paint scrapped off. Jetta produced in the country really is awesome, the front of Zhou Mingyuan’s Honda was flattened by a large chunk, and there wasn’t much wrong with my Jetta.

My anger also dissipated a lot at the time, and I couldn’t be bothered with him, he was just a fake western bastard acting high and mighty with someone else’s power. I would see this kind of weird scenes a lot of the time, the people that are actually amazing are all easy to talk to, but their sons or direct subordinates all act pretentious, as if they are the kings of the world.

The two girls Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier didn’t even get off the car, and just chatted happily on the car. They clearly knew about my current capabilities and didn’t even worry.

“Hey, your husband went off the car to fight with someone, and here are you guys, chatting and laughing on the car, not worried at all! Aren’t you afraid of me getting bullied?” I said in dissatisfaction.

“You get bullied? But I heard from Weier-jiejie the heroic acts of you beating four bodyguards!” Zhao Yanyan looked and Chen Weier and said with a smile. Zhao Yanyan was indeed a little worried at the start, since she has not seen the heroic scene of me beating four people at once, and after seeing that Zhou Mingyuan call for help, she thought that he called people over to fight, but then seeing the police calm, she relaxed. Speaking about political influence, who can compare up to them, the Zhao family, in Songjiang province?

Chen Weier also couldn’t help but smile embarrassingly at me. “Weier, tell the truth, do you really like watching me fight?” I suddenly asked. These few times, I noticed that the chick Weier would always get incredibly excited whenever she talks about my battle with Liu Zhenhai’s four bodyguards.

“I…” Weier dipped her head in embarrassment. She didn’t know why, but she really did feel like that. Weier also scolded herself, this wasn’t something a lady should like! But once she thinks back to his looks at the time, she couldn’t help but get worked up. Just the previous night, she finally couldn’t resist telling the heroic actions of her loved one to Yanyan.

“If I knew that was the case, I should have beaten that guy up once before the police came,” I said regretfully.

“…” Chen Weier didn’t say anything while blushing.

“Weier, is your family still opening that Mala Tang store?” I suddenly remembered, since Weier already became my woman, then she shouldn’t do this sort of thing with a heavy workload that doesn’t earn anything.

“Yeah! Now that it has gotten colder, there are quite a few more people eating there!” With say, Chen Weier said with a happy expression. “We earned several hundred more kuai compared to last month.”

Several hundred kuai… I couldn’t help but smile wryly, several hundred kuai already made her so happy, this chick was too easy to fool.

“Tell your mom, let’s close the store,” I said.

“How could that be okay! If we close it then where are we supposed to earn money!” Chen Weier said anxiously. “It’s not like you don’t know my family situation, in order to get my dad treated, I already…” Chen Weier wanted to say that she already sold herself to let her father get treated, but then noticed that it wasn’t right, the person that bought her was the bad guy in front of him, and thus immediately got shy, she instantly understood this person’s meaning. That’s right, this guy’s so rich, is there any need of her working so hard to earn money? However, Chen Weier’s strong personality made her didn’t want to be a vase, who relied on a man to support her, that was only good to look at.

After getting in contact with Weier for so long, I naturally understood her thoughts, thus I said, “What I mean is, we should find a day to talk with Bomu, and see if we can make this kind of Mala Tang stall larger, and create a franchise catering cooperation. This way we would mainly need to control the formula and manage, while the other things can be left to others.” Saying to that, I suddenly thought of the snack chains like Sichuan Pang-dajie that would appear several years later. This was definitely an industry with a bright future! People treat food as the most important thing, although the profits I earn from high tech stuff could already be said as astronomical, but I couldn’t help but admit that, the catering industry was always one with lots of profits whether before, now or in the future, even after the year 2000, a lot of rich businessmen had begun from catering.

Although I was already really rich right now, but no one would hate getting more money. Letting Chen Weier’s mother do this Mala Tang was just to test the waters, after that beef noodles, fried chicken, cake stores or even large scale catering motherships will become my goal.

“However, that would require a lot of money right?” Hearing I say that, Chen Weier was also a bit moved as well, watching her mother wake up in the dark to operate the Mala Tang store was torture. If it was just talking about the taste of Mala Tang, if her family claimed second in Songjiang city, no one would dare to claim first! However what use is that, a little stall was always a little stall, it would have a lot of development. If they could really turn into a franchise business, then mother could work as a manager and not get so tired.

“I’ll spend the money, and establish the business, but I want some of the shares of the company,” I know about Weier’s personality, so I directly suggested this plan.

“About this… Let me talk about it with my mom back home,” Chen Weier didn’t refuse as expected. A hint of smile appeared on her face. Chen Weier felt really lucky that she found such a good home, she had only been with him for a day, but he already cared so much for her.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t feel much confusion for me spending money to help Chen Weier, although she didn’t know how rich I was, she heard from Uncle Zhao that my input method sold really well, and earned a lot. It was even sold to Microsoft, and installed into the newly released Windows 95 operating system.

I drove into the parking lot near Department Store-dasha. However, somethings are just so much of a coincidence, a lot of ignorant flies would fly in front of you. I had already gotten pissed off with that Zhou Mingyuan in the morning, but this person had no real grudge with me, so I didn’t do anything to him. The next person that appeared, had a bit of story with me. This finally made me understood what was called one cannot avoid one’s enemies.

Due to the Department-dasha being on the business street, there were a lot more cars in the parking slow, when I finally found a spot after much trouble, and was about to park the car in, a Mercedes sped out from behind me, and stuck itself into that parking spot with a speed that even radar could not reach.

Fuck that bastard! Now I was really mad, this was the first day of driving and I already bumped into two uncivilized retards. What does Mercedes can’t as, I thought back to the trashing Mercedes incident in my previous life, if I got worked up, I will also trash your’s/

In the next second, my decision was further solidified. Because this dumb shit down came down from the Mercedes was the lecherous man, Yu Gang, that came to the Mala Tang stall with Chen Yong when I was there wanting to buy Chen Weier, don’t talk about it, he really does look like a fucking fish tank.

Fuck it, you aren’t walking the heaven’s path, and instead walking into hell where there isn’t a door. Since you’re looking for death, then don’t blame me for being merciless. Although from the view of other people, this fish tank and I didn’t have any deep grudge, however I was someone that was very possessive, Chen Weier is my woman, no one else should even think about it! This idiot actually wanted to spend eighty thousand to buy my wife, of course I can’t act with courtesy towards him. What’s more was that this fish tank actively pissed me off.

I opened the car door and jumped down, then said with a sullen voice, “Back the car out now, I can treat it like nothing happened.” It’s just that I was a bit soft-hearted, before doing someone in, I like to give them a chance to repent. However, up to now, no one has valued this chance. The fat and thin monks, Liu Kesheng, Li Shaojie etc. were all like this, this fish tank as well.

“Fuck! Trashy Jetta, since the performance wasn’t able to compete up to me, stop bullshitting there.” Yu Gang pointed to my car, and said despicably.

“Yu-gege, what happened,” an extremely hot and flirtatiously-dressed woman came down from the Mercedes, immediately stuck onto Yu Gang, and said coquettishly.

“A retard driving Jetta said I stole his parking spot,” Yu Gong said to the woman acting coquettishly while pointing at me. “Hubby, what happened?” At this moment, Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan also got down from the car, but since the two of them were sitting at the back chatting, they didn’t notice that the person driving the Mercedes was the fish tank.

“Chen Weier!” The fish tank suddenly said while pointing at Chen Weier, who was wrapping herself around my arm intimately.

“Yu Gang?” Chen Weier also noticed then, so the person in front was the Yu Gang that she nearly sold herself to.

“Heh! Fuck, I had thought you were so fucking pure, you’re just a slut,” Yu Gang looked at Chen Weier who was leaning on me in despise. “However your taste is too bad, you just managed to hook one that drives Jetta! If you agreed with me then, you would be sitting on this Mercedes right now!”

“You… Yu Gang! You’re too much! He’s my boyfriend!” Chen Weier quickly explained.

“Boyfriend? Then who’s the slut on the other side? Don’t tell he it’s his jiejie or meimei!” Yu Gang pointed at Zhao Yanyan who was on my other side.

Zhao Yanyan also frowned after hearing Yu Gang’s insults. I couldn’t stand it anymore, did he treat me as non-existent? He continuously insult both of my wives, if I could still let you be then I’m crazy.

I said coldly to Yu Gang, “If you admit it was all crap that you said to my two wives, I can consider giving you another chance!”

“Haha! Crap? It looks to me that you’re crapping! Brat, you should look at your own capabilities before saying that to me, and see whether you have the right or not! Don’t think that you’re something just because you have a car, compared to me, there’s way too much difference!” Yu Gang let out a crazed laughter.

Way too much different? That’s right, way too much difference. I think no matter how hard you work, you will not be able to earn enough money compared to the amount of money I earned from that one Shuguang input method.

“How much is your Mercedes?” I asked.

“Nine hundred and eighty thousand!” Yu Gang said proudly/

That’s it, I took out a large spanner from the trunk, and rushed over. Yu Gang freaked, and thought that I was going to beat him up, he immediately ran to the side and shouted, “Ai– What are you doing? Don’t act rashly, it’s illegal to hit people!”

“Hehe…” I laughed coldly, and thought in my heart, aren’t you going to pretend with me? Let’s see who’s richer today!

I took a deep breath, and let myself go into the superpower mode. Every time I used the superpower, not only did my speed increase a lot, the strength also became several times what it originally was as well.

I used an extremely fast speed to throw the beat the spanner against the Mercedes, and with a “dang” sound, the back lights were smashed into smithereens. Following that, the trunk, back car window, car door, were all smashed one after another. Fuck, I was wondering why so many people liked to trash cars in my previous life, so destruction is so fun.

Due to my actions being extremely fast, before the fish tank even realized, his Mercedes was pretty much turned into a pile of metal, even the engine was broken. Of course, there was somewhere that wasn’t touched, and that’s the oil tank. I wasn’t dumb enough to burn myself yet.

Yu Gang stared at me with his mouth wide open, and all of a sudden he forgot what he was going to say. The coquettish girl beside him also looked at the Mercedes that have turned into a pile of useless metal dumbly.

“You– What are you doing! Stop!” Only then did the fish tank react, so his car was trashed.

I threw the spanner on the side, and stopped my superpower. The Mercedes already lacked any value in repairing it. I think if you wanted to repair it, the repair fees would definitely be higher than buying a new one.

“You-You trashed my car…” Yu Gang immediately started sweating, this Mercedes wasn’t his. Now that it’s smashed like this, what was he going to do! The brat seems so poor as well, even if he called the police to arrest him, the brat wouldn’t be able to compensate for the car!

“Yes, I trashed it! Because it was blocking in front my car!” I said expressionlessly.

But Chen Weier, who stood behind me, watched me with a face of excitement, I could be sure already that this chick definitely had violent tendencies.

“Do you know how much this car costs? Nine hundred and eighty thousand!” Yu Gang smacked his head and shouted.

“About it… can… I trash it a bit?” Chen Weier said to me with a bright red face.

This chick really is special, she definitely has the potential to be trained for SM in the future. I handed the banner to Chen Weier, and said to her, “I’m sorry, I got too excited just now, and trashed the entire thing. Just play with what’s left.”

“Fuck you! You slut!” Yu Gang roared, and pushed Chen Weier back, and swore. “Fuck it’s because of you, my car!”

Chen Weier nearly rolled over on the floor, the spanner fell onto the ground. You dared to push my wife? You don’t want to live you do? Originally I didn’t want to kill you, but it’s not up to him now.

“Get up, follow me. Let’s deal with the problem of the car first,” I said coldly to the fish tank.

The fish tank walked numbly beside me, and we arrived at the Construction Bank underneath the Department Store-dasha. Due to my VIP card, I didn’t need to queue up and directly arrived at the VIP lounge, I handed the card over to the bank clerk. “Withdraw a million!” I said.

I took over the large bag of money, and threw it directly to the fish tank and said, “Nine hundred and eighty thousand is the price of your car, buy a new one yourself. The remaining twenty thousand is your medical bill, but it might not be enough, pay the rest by yourself!”

The fish tank already went dumb looking at the pile of money in front of him. He was just getting worried about the car getting trashed, but now he was laughing like an idiot. That Mercedes have been driven for five years already, it would only sell for six-seven hundred thousand max. Now that he thinks about it, he did make a profit. It’s just that, what medical bills? The fish tank asked idiotically, “What is medical bills?”

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