At the moment, if someone had told him this woman was a goddess who had descended to the mortal realm, he wouldn’t have had any doubts.

It was as if the woman had no perception whatsoever when facing Yun Che’s attentive gaze. That pair of ice-cold beautiful eyes didn’t move even a bit. As she had passed Yun Che, she brought a gust of cool, fragrant wind.

Yun Che’s gaze also unconsciously turned. Only after appreciating the dreamlike beauty of her silhouette for quite a while did he reluctantly follow the maid downstairs… This great pleasure from admiring beautiful things was something Yun Che could never suppress.

“This tiny Blue Wind Empire, is indeed a crouching tiger and hidden dragon.” Jasmine’s voice sounded out of the blue.

Yun Che said thoughtfully: “You’re talking about… could it be that white-clothed beauty that just walked by?”

“When you looked at her before, your heartbeat visibly quickened, and your soul also produced some desirous fluctuations. Hmph, perhaps this is the quality people find most annoying in men. However, you must not think about hitting on her; at least for now, the level between you and her is as far as the heavens and the earth!” Jasmine said coldly.

“… You mean?”

“Peak of the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm… a half-step from the Emperor Profound Realm! Strong enough to be considered one of the top ten practitioners in Blue Wind Empire!”

Yun Che was so shocked his legs went soft on the spot, and almost face-planted onto the stairs.

After Yun Che went downstairs, the white-clothed woman arrived in front of the old man with the maid’s guidance. The maid respectfully said: “Elder Qiao, this esteemed customer would like a Devil’s Flaming Blood Crystal.”

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If it were over 10 years ago in Blackhot City when his hormone was growing as luxuriantly as weeds and his young heart would become as horny as pye-dogs at night, Zhang Tie would definitely not just select 2 girls if he could have such a chance to select beauties like an emperor at home.

If not such a restlessness, he would not be indulged in the tenderness of the girls of Rose Association.

However, after promoting to a knight, although Zhang Tie secreted more hormone, his restlessness had faded away like torrents that converged into the ocean.

The ocean in Zhang Tie’s heart was still surging; however, it became more inclusive to both women and his family members.

Women could not just be the procreation tool of men; especially of a strange man. No matter how good did the man treat her, very few women would feel happy on the side of such a man. Zhang Tie didn’t want to hold up the youth of strange girls.

When he was in his puberty, Zhang Tie usually imagined about the cool sense brought by friction and orgasm speaking of women. However, now, Zhang Tie had understood that the affectionate ones were the most precious!

Therefore, Zhang Tie preferred to choose those two whom he had emotional underpinnings with.

Aimei and Aixue had tough experiences, Linda, Beverly and Fiona also had common family backgrounds. If the twins became Zhang’s daughters-in-law, they would definitely have a common language with Linda, Beverly and Fiona. They could respect each other. Neither would Linda, Beverly and Fiona feel aggrieved. By contrast, if he selected those, especially those who had deep family backgrounds in Huaiyuan Palace, Linda, Beverly and Fiona might feel their positions at home to be threatened.

After staying at Zhang Tie’s home for less than 1 hour, Elder Muen and Elder Muyuan had left.

Zhang Tie directly accompanied them to board the airship. After that, he saw off the airship.

After recovering his freedom once again, Zhang Tie felt pretty relaxed. However, he had infuriated the Gobbling Party and became the thorn in their side; therefore, Zhang Tie faintly felt a sense of crisis.

‘In the final analysis, it’s a matter of battle strength. If I’ve already formed 4 chakras, I don’t believe that the Gobbling Party would dare be presumptuous in front of me.’

‘However, it takes time to improve the battle strength. It’s the best time to help Zhang root in and expand their influence in Taixia Country at present.’

Standing on the side of his domestic airport, Zhang Tie watched the airship that gradually disappeared in the skyline as he was thinking about the next step.

‘After becoming a bounty hunter, I could further pay attention to the news of Zhao Yuan, my master.’

‘As I’m free now, besides forming my chakra, I could have a better chance to have the small tree produce more fruits. With more fruits, even if I could not form my earth chakra, for the time being, I could also improve my battle strength greatly. This is my biggest advantage compared to others. Others only have one way to improve their battle strength greatly; however, I have two ways. Therefore, I don’t have to walk on one foot.’

‘Besides the fruits of redemption from the gratitude of golden uangs that I set free. I could definitely find places to breed and set free earthworms. If I could improve my preliminary recovery body to medium recovery body or senior recovery body, I would definitely have a much better viability.’

‘Besides earthworms and golden uangs, I will try to set free more living beings. After all, it’s not bad for me.’

‘There’re many fishing vessels at the Embracing Tiger Harbor which is the nearest harbor to Golden Light City. There’re a lot of fresh fishes over there every day. It seems that I should take a look over there.’

‘Is there anything cheaper in this world than buying a fruit at the price of a few gold coins?’

After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie gradually opened his mind to a bright future!

Feng Cangwu had appeared on his side.

“Have you negotiated with Huaiyuan Palace?” Feng Cangwu asked Zhang Tie.

Even though this young elite of Heavens Fortune Sect had been in Zhang Tie’s family for over 2 weeks, his cold and arrogant qi remained unchanged.

It was Feng Cangwu’s key to break his mental obstacle by staying on Zhang Tie’s side; however, he felt damaging his self-esteem by staying on Zhang Tie’s side without doing anything. Therefore, after settling down in Zhang Tie’s manor and taking a round inside, Feng Cangwu had posed to be the teacher of Zhang family’s younger generation. He wanted to survive himself by his own labor.

Although it was a waste of Feng Cangwu’s talent by working as a teacher of kids, Zhang Tie’s three sons and the kids of Zhang Yang had learned a lot from Feng Cangwu in only a few days. Even Zhang Tie benefited a lot from him.

Feng Cangwu was really an aristocrat among the Hua people. With a wide horizon, he had touched too many unusual things, which could shock the listeners so much.

Zhang Tie didn’t tell others about the real identity of Feng Cangwu. Therefore, the other tutors in Zhang Tie’s family were a bit inimical to Feng Cangwu at the beginning. They even wanted to “compete” with him on knowledge. After Feng Cangwu casually performed a perfect teaism in front of the other tutors, the other tutors had thought highly of Feng Cangwu by treating him as a god. They then started to call him Master Feng. As a result, when Feng Cangwu taught those Zhang kids, all the tutors audited on one side with a thirsty expression too.

Zhang Tie hailed inside. All the knowledge and recognition of Feng Cangwu were the educational achievements of Heavens Fortune Sect. As one of the top seven sects in Taixia Country, any disciple of the Heavens Reaching Sect could be the marshal of Norman Empire in Waii Sub-continent. Such a deep background could never be matched by commoners. When Zhang kids received the education of Feng Cangwu, it was equal to that they enjoyed the educational fruits of the Heavens Fortune Sect indirectly. Such a rare opportunity could not even be purchased in the market.

Feng Cangwu rapidly consolidated his position in the Zhang family. He lived in an independent courtyard while being served by 4 servants. Even Zhang Tie’s parents respected him so much.

After coming to Taixia for a few years, Zhang Tie’s parents had also gradually known more about Taixia Country. According to Zhang Tie’s dad, tutors like Feng Cangwu might come by something with luck, but not by searching for it in major clans of Taixia Country. Without a compensation of hundreds of thousands gold coins a year, they could never have such a tutor. Such a figure was always a personage in a province.

Besides being able to bit Feng Cangwu to death, even Zhang Tie had to admit that he was just a rustic on many aspects compared to Feng Cangwu.

After hearing Feng Cangwu’s question, Zhang Tie turned around and threw a glance at him. After that, he replied with a smile, “I’m afraid that the Gobbling Party will feel uncomfortable no matter where I am!”

“It’s too dangerous. Although you will reap a lot, you have to pay a high price for that. When the Gobbling Party realizes that, they will fight you to death for sure. Previously, the Gobbling Party mainly targeted at Huaiyuan Palace; from then on, they would mainly target at you.”

Zhang Tie waved his hands and said with a casual look, “I don’t care, I believe that the God blesses the good man!”

Feng Cangwu threw a glance at Zhang Tie as he had not imagined that Zhang Tie could say this. As knights used to control their own fates; however, Zhang Tie looked like being carefree. How could he comfort himself like commoners usually did? At this moment, the arrogance that Zhang Tie displayed in the Heavens Ball 3 months ago like a mutated lion had disappeared.

‘The scene that he exposed his sharp fangs, bit off my neck one piece after another and swallowed them always appeared in my dreams over the past 3 months. As a result, I always experienced the most terrifying nightmare, which was also my mental obstacle. However, this guy tells me that the God blesses the good man facing the powerful enemy?’ Feng Cangwu could never believe that it was Zhang Tie’s true thought.

Watching Feng Cangwu’s expression, Zhang Tie knew what he was thinking about, “Aye, I’ve got a secret for you.”

Blinking his eyes, Feng Cangwu asked, “What secret?’

With a solemn and sympathetic expression, Zhang Tie looked up and said, “When in Waii Sub-continent, I was a pious believer of Gaya, the mother of the land. I once pledged to save all the believers of Gaya who were in dangers. I believe that as long as I saved them, Gaya would save me too!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I will do that for a long time from then on!”

Feng Cangwu gazed at Zhang Tie as he was not sure whether Zhang Tie was telling true or not…

At this moment, Zhu Dabiao the fat guy ran over here in a clumsy way while his hair and body had been covered with snow. This guy was having a snowball fight with the kids of Zhang family.

“Whoops, whoops, Zhang Tie, your sons respond so fast. They have such a great strength and precise throwing ability. Look at my head. Are knight’s kids born to bully others? Mamma Mia…” When Zhu Dabiao complained to Zhang Tie, the three kids had caught up with him. With giggles, they threw three snowballs from almost 20 m away towards Zhu Dabiao’s upper, middle and lower parts at the same time. Zhu Dabiao wanted to dodge; however, he could only avoid from one snowball while the other two hit onto his head and figure at the same time…

At the sight of this, Feng Cangwu’s eyebrows faintly moved…

Zhang Tie knew that Feng Cangwu must have sensed something with his knight’s consciousness. The three kids had already shown their amazing precise throwing ability…

After the new year festival, Zhang Chenglei, Zhang Chengting and Zhang Chengpei would be 6 years old while they would gradually activate their bloodlines and fix their dispositions. It was time for them to cultivate their battle skills and light their surging points… Chapter 875: A New Start

Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

On January 23rd, the airport outside Embracing Tiger City…

After coming to Embracing Tiger City once again, Zhang Tie felt relaxed!

Zhang Tie had not set free any living beings himself for a long time. Previously, he set free sand-scale fish in Hidden Dragon Island every day. Later on, he had less chance to do that. Gradually, he invited others to do that for him by paying them. He just ate fruits.

After picking the special cultivation method once again, Zhang Tie felt pleasant in an inexplicable way.

It was hard to describe this pleasure. It originated from the depth of his heart and flew across his body like a sweet spring flowing out of the wilderness. After that, Zhang Tie was immersed in a pure, pleasant state. In such a realm, Zhang Tie felt that he might always set living beings free himself from then on, even just for this pleasure.

Actually, the higher level one was, especially after one promoted to a knight, it would be harder for one to sense this pleasure, which was really a special, spiritual enjoyment.

Zhang Tie knew that Zhang Taixuan would appoint Zhang Yuanshan as the new dean of the Provincial Court of Youzhou Province today. ‘This might be out of the expectation of many people; however, what was more unimaginable was that I would become a bounty hunter in Taixia Country on the same day.’

Zhang Tie didn’t need to register as a bounty hunter himself. The Building of Brightness in Taixia Country was a semi-governmental organization being affiliated to the local judicial agencies. He only needed to prepare his materials and submit them to the Building of Brightness in Youzhou City. ‘It’s none of my business as for how others would interpret it and frame the Gobbling Party with it.’

The Gobbling Party deserved it…

‘After this event, the bullsh*t imperial official in the Censorate of Xuanyuan Hill might not walk away from the shadow caused by this event for the rest of his life. He’s doomed to be regarded as a villain by the public.’

That was Taixia Country!

Gentlemen seek harmony while possessing their unique opinions; villains only seek consistency with others while possessing no unique opinions. After coming to Taixia Country for almost 4 months, Zhang Tie found that he gradually fell in love with this place.

The airport in Embracing Tiger City was pretty boisterous and vigorous. Airships in different shapes and colorful coatings were coming and going in the sky above the airport, large or small. Zhang Tie felt that this common airport was even more boisterous than the airshow held in Waii Sub-continent.

The fury-level airships produced by Huaiyuan Palace ranked top in Waii Sub-continent; however, they lost their halos in Taixia Country.

Taixia Country really had a powerful manufacturing industry. Take the prefectures in Youzhou Province as an instance, the airships produced in Spiritualmaple Prefecture and Chaoyang Prefecture were competitive to that of Huaiyuan Palace while better airships manufacturing clans and enterprises existed in other provinces such as Yanzhou Province, Huizhou Province, Tongzhou Province and Chaozhou Province. The airships produced by the imperial airship manufacturing plants that were affiliated to the imperial court of Taixia Country ranked top in kind, quantity and quality.

The Law of Kings of King Facing such a great stress and competition, the airship manufacturing enterprises of Huaiyuan Palace had to reduce production scale; meanwhile, they started to employ talents from everywhere and started the project approval and technical storage of the second generation of fury-level airships.

Huaiyuan Palace would make a regular report to Clan elders about such situations; therefore, Zhang Tie knew these “trifles” pretty well.

Zhang Tie was the first one to walk out of the airship, followed by Feng Cangwu and Zhu Dabiao.

After exiting the hatch door of the airship, Zhang Tie looked up at the airships in the sky. By putting one hand over his forehead, he narrowed his eyes and sighed with emotions, “The airships here are much more varified than those in Waii Sub-continent; hmm, additionally, they seem to move faster. There’re airships that fully combines the modules with the air sacs…”

Zhang Tie had been in Embracing Tiger City twice. Firstly, he passed by it; secondly, he came here to attend the clan elders’ conference. As he left here so hurriedly the previous two times, he didn’t even have time to look around it. Basically, he only had some aerial photographs about this city in his impression. Therefore, it was impossible for him to have a deeper understanding of this city. After adjusting his mood and time, when he came to Embracing Tiger City once again, Zhang Tie immediately felt the difference between this city and those in Waii Sub-continent. Such a tiny difference manifested the power and uniqueness of Taixia Country.

When Zhang Tie was talking about the airships, they saw a large hard-type airship painted with a blue boar pattern slowly rising up from a position in front of them. There were four Hua characters beneath the pattern– 1 .

Feng Cangwu was glassy-eyed about Zhang Tie’s words; however, Zhu Dabiao burst out into laughter, “That’s nothing strange. If you take a look in the provincial city of Huizhou Province, you would find that the airship bases over there were at least dozens of times larger than this one. The Auspicious Cloud Airport in Huizhou Province occupies over 200 square miles. Tens of thousands of airships access to that airport every day. If you were there for the first time, you might even get lost!”

“Hahaha, I will take a look over there if there’s a chance!” Zhang Tie also burst out into laughter.

When they talked, they arrived at the entrance of the exclusive position of their airship and went to the underground.

In Waii Sub-continent, all the airport facilities were above the ground; however, in Taixia Country, only ground crew and regular railed, steam logistics trains could move above the ground of regular airports. The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse All the people getting off the airships had to leave the airports through professional underground tunnels. They were forbidden to leave on the ground. Almost all the airports in Taixia Country were two-floored or multi-floored. The underground buildings were far more plentiful than those on the ground. There were even huge airship and material warehouses beneath many airports. In this way, the airports could run in a higher efficiency and cause fewer accidents in normal times; in wartime, two-floored or multi-floored airports could provide the biggest protection to the airships, personnel and materials.

Besides airports, Zhang Tie knew that almost all the highways in Taixia Country could bear large war airships. All the railways in Taixia Country spared a plain and an open land for at least 10 super large airships within 200 miles.

The underground tunnel of the airport of Embracing Tiger City was dozens of meters in depth. It was spacious and bright. The surface of the underground tunnel was paved with cyan stone slabs. There were so many passers-by over there.

In the daytime, besides an air vent in each dozen of meters in the tunnel, both walls of the tunnel were paved with one fluorescent strip. In each fixed distance, there was one fluorescent wall. Passengers could leave the airport through the underground tunnel.

There were some plants in the underground tunnel. On both sides of the tunnel were shops, hotels and complete living facilities. Passengers or crew members could live here well. Those shops were selling specialties of Youzhou Province. Some companies and stores had their offices and branches here.


With an euphonious tinkle of bells, an odd-look vehicle drove here from behind.

Running on a rail which was narrower and smaller than the underground tunnel, that vehicle had a very low chassis. The entire vehicle was composed of 3 carriages. The full length of the vehicle was a bit greater than that of a bus. The three carriages were full of rows of seats. Each seat could hold 4 people. It even didn’t have a roof. Therefore, it looked pretty simple and convenient.

The vehicle was like a simple miniature train and an amplified toy for children. Two tough Siberians were sitting in the chairs at the head of the vehicle. They were stamping this manual power device by feet like playing seesaw while holding a handle by two hands respectively.

The vehicle just moved as fast as jogging commoners. Therefore, they didn’t work hard. When someone was in front of them, the tough guys just tinkled the bells by pulling the ropes to warn the passers.

Those in front of the vehicle could give a way to it or take a seat in it.

Watching some guys on his side jump into the vehicle, Zhang Tie understood that this vehicle was an underground scheduled bus in the airport.

If it was replaced by a steam mini-train, the heavy smoke would cause a severe pollution in this relatively closed space. Therefore, they just used a manual railed mini-train. Commoners might be a bit tired to do that; however, it’s no problem for a LV 2 soldier. Let alone this vehicle was matched with two “drivers”.

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